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Restocking your drinks cabinet for the autumn with delicious drinks from the Devon Rum Co

These premium spiced rums are a unique blend of exotic pot and column distilled Caribbean rums from Jamaica and Guyana.

By LLM Reporters  |  October 7, 2021
Devon Rum Company

It’s that time of year again when the colder, rainier weather has us wanting to do nothing more than cosy up at home by the fire with a good film and our favourite tipple – and with Christmas now just around the corner, it’s also a great time to stock up that drinks cabinet with some premium spirits.

If it isn’t on your radar just yet, then meet the Devon Rum Co – an exciting new British brand that hails from England’s scenic southwest and is the perfect addition to your autumn and winter drinks line-up.

Established in March 2020 by founder Dave Seear, the brand was created to share the joy of quality craft rums with the world – and it has fast won itself a legion of die-hard fans across the UK thanks to its stylish branding and its unique, unmatchable flavour.

Devon Rum Company bottles at show
These premium spiced rums are a unique blend of exotic pot and column distilled Caribbean rums from Jamaica and Guyana

Born to stand out from the crowd, the spirited brand’s range of decadent delights currently features two award-winning rums: a silky-smooth, 40 per cent ABV Premium Spiced Rum, and a sweet and succulent 37.5 per cent ABV Honey Spiced Rum, both of which are rich and sumptuous enough to be more than deserving of a space on your drinks cart.

These delectable drinks begin life as a unique combination of pot and column distilled rums from Jamaica and Guyana, before going on to be blended and bottled by hand in the heart of the verdant Devon countryside using locally sourced Devon spring water from Devonia Water. Add to that a special selection of aromatic spices and fresh citrus fruits, and you’ve got yourself a pair of sensational spirits that are the perfect choice for mixing an array of moreish cocktails – although it has to be said that both taste equally as good simply on the rocks.

The flavour and sweetness of the Honey Spiced Rum is enhanced even further thanks to the infusion of rich wildflower honey from Quince Honey Farm in North Devon, making this particular blend a celebration of the southwest and its plethora of locally-sourced ingredients. But what really makes both drinks stand out from the crowd isn’t what is included – but rather, what isn’t. Bucking the trend and leaving vanilla out of the mix – something which tends to feature in all rums across the board – it seems founder Dave isn’t afraid to throw caution to the wind and try something a little different. And by all accounts, the risk-taking appears to have paid off.

Devon Rum Company with glass
This premium spirits brand is hand-crafted and bottled in the heart of Devon

“As a flavour, vanilla often divides opinion,” he says. “While some enjoy the sickly-sweet taste that this spice gives to rum, others find it overpowering – distracting them from the real treat, which is the complex blend of spices and flavours that lie beneath.

“Instead of vanilla, we infuse our spiced rums with a touch of high-grade maple syrup – which adds a richness to our rums that our customers often say is unlike anything they’ve tried before. The deep maple tones help to give our rums their beautiful amber colour, while bringing our selection of spices and citrus fruits to the forefront.”

As a South West brand, Devon Rum Co is also very connected to the coastlines and countryside that they call home, and takes sustainability very seriously as a result – serving up its award-winning drinks in 100 per cent plastic free and recyclable packaging, while maintaining a carbon negative status.

 Dave Seear (left) is the founder of Devon Rum Company
Dave Seear (left) is the founder of Devon Rum Co

Now available in more that 250 independent retailers across Devon and the southwest, it has also already made its way into over 100 bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels – and Dave doesn’t plan on stopping there. Over the coming months and years, we can expect to see the brand expand further afield in the UK – and with any luck, it could soon be in a bar near you.

In the meantime, you can stock up for the autumn and winter months via their online shop – and believe us, once you’ve tried the Devon Rum Co’s heady and exclusive blends, which are the perfect choice for these colder, darker nights, you’ll never want to go back to anything else.