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Review: BLOOM Teas Flavoured Matcha Powder

BLOOM Teas Flavoured Matcha Powder

Matcha only landed on my radar a few years ago after a colleague returned from a visit to Japan bearing gifts of the green tea powder flavoured KitKat bars. Given that I’d barely knowingly touched a superfood back then, the appeal of trying the treat lay purely in the novelty.

Nowadays, I’m always searching for new and simple ways to incorporate superfoods into my diet without the added refined sugar. When offered the opportunity to sample BLOOM Tea’s matcha powder, I jumped at the chance to see what benefits I’d experience.

The only brand in the world to have created 14 different flavoured and functioning matcha powders, BLOOM has optimised the enjoyment and benefits of this potent green tea so even the discerning health and wellness aficionado won’t tire of it.

BLOOM Teas Flavoured Matcha Powder
Start your day with BLOOM Tea’s matcha powder

A 1g serving of this all-natural substance contains over 1,000 antioxidants – the equivalent of that in 10 cups of green tea. In addition to being a natural source of energy without the inevitable spike and dip after drinking a cup of coffee, matcha helps kerb sugar cravings and can give skin a healthy glow.

Products within the BLOOM range feature organic Japanese matcha powder with added superfood ingredients; Ultra Cleanse Matcha (boasting milk thistle and yerba mate), Brainboost Matcha (with ginkgo biloba and acai berry), and Mojito Matcha (including peppermint and natural lime flavouring) are but a few of the flavours available. There is, of course, a 100% organic Japanese matcha powder within the range dubbed Absolute Matcha.

Having used BLOOM’s Ultra Cleanse Matcha for two months, I initially expected to feel the benefits only after prolonged daily use. However, the first week of including four scoops – the rough equivalent of a 1g serving – of powder in my morning smoothie (each 30g jar of BLOOM Matcha comes with a small spatula) saw me begin eschewing the soy cappuccinos I’d come to depend on so heavily. Matcha powder itself has a strong, distinctive flavour but the Ultra Cleanse Matcha’s milk thistle gave the product a silken, creamy taste.

Encouraged by the newfound energy I received from the Ultra Cleanse Matcha, I tried using the powder in different ways. The tea shot serving suggestion on the jar is a straightforward way to enjoy the product without frills; simply whisking a 1g serving in 100ml of hot water, pouring over ice, then adding cold water made for a cool and refreshing beverage. Eager to continue using the BLOOM matcha when I travelled to Porto for a girls’ trip last month, this method of consuming the powder was quick and delicious. Travelling with the lightweight jar was no hassle at all and I was grateful for the darkened glass and tight lid which kept the product from losing its freshness and nutrients.

BLOOM Teas Flavoured Matcha Powder
The products are stocked at Holland and Barrett, Ocado, Waitrose, Wholefoods, Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols and Harrods

After a time, I sensed the matcha was responsible for keeping me from getting the summer cold that swept through the office and among fellow commuters on London’s public transport. This is perhaps the biggest advantage I’ve experienced to date and as trivial as it may seem, I’d thoroughly recommend grabbing a jar of this superfood mix matcha powder from BLOOM on that basis alone.

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Stockists include Holland and Barrett, Ocado, Waitrose, Wholefoods, Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols and Harrods.