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Review of the Dietox 1-Day Juices Therapy

Dietox 1-Day Juices Therapy

There aren’t many who’d consider doing a juice cleanse at this time of year but given the fast-increasing number of dinner, birthday (let’s be honest, birthdays of friends and family members often come in waves), and festive party invites that are about to start rolling into everyone’s inboxes, it has its merits!

Sound like spiel? Think again. But before I carry on, it’s important to clarify what a juice cleanse is and isn’t good for; those looking to use it as a quick fix crash diet are much better off approaching it as a way to cleanse and purify their body prior to kickstarting a clean eating and exercise regimen. However, depending on your eating and drinking habits during the party season – it’s only normal to enjoy a well-deserved period of indulgence as the year draws to a close – a break from treating yourself, if only to bring your energy levels back up, never hurt anyone!

Enter the Dietox Organic Detox Juices Therapy. This cold-pressed juice cleanse ranges from 1-day cleansing refresh to a full 5-day alkaline detox programme, complete with a diet plan from an in-house nutritionist.

Dietox 1-Day Juices Therapy
The detox diet or cleansing diet aims to help our body eliminate all it does not need

Choosing to do the 1-day juice cleanse after a busy few weeks of travelling, dining out each mealtime, late nights, and getting back into the office groove, I knew it’d do me a world of good to detox and reboot my body’s sense of wellbeing.

The refrigerated pack delivered to my chosen address contained six cold-pressed juices for the day as well as a striped smoothie straw and small gift. The juices are packed with different fruits, vegetables, superfoods, seaweeds, and vegetable protein and are designed to be consumed in a certain order at various points throughout the day. Knowing when to drink what is made easy- the time frames for each juice are labelled clearly on the bottle.

Serving different purposes, the tailored contents of each bottle range from; Alkalizing, antioxidant, mineral shot, refreshing, detox, and lastly a restorative smoothie. It’s advised to give each bottle a thorough shake before drinking and to savor the juice for at least 30 minutes to ensure you absorb all its nutrients. Without the straw, I’d have found this difficult considering my habit of gulping down litres of water on any given day.

Dietox 1-Day Juices Therapy
Increase your wellness and vitality levels with Dietox

The first juice of the day, a refreshing green juice consisting of apple, spinach, cucumber, pineapple, lemon, guarana, and spirulina set my morning off to a good start. In hindsight, for those who sometimes skip breakfast as I often do, a juice like this isn’t a bad way to begin the morning.

As the day progressed, however, I found my thoughts drifting to food, particularly as lunchtime loomed and my colleagues had already begun raiding the office snack cupboard. Now on juice number three, a tasty gazpacho with apple, tomato, celery, lemon, beetroot, avocado, and pea and rice protein, I nevertheless found it easy to concentrate and carry on with the afternoon’s tasks.

On a cleanse day, it’s recommended that you only do low to medium intensity exercise if you’re already in the habit of training on a regular basis. So for those wanting repose from aching muscles thanks to yet another full-on spin session, there’s no better excuse than a 1-day course of Dietox juice therapy!

By the time I’d arrived home for a relaxing evening in, my hunger pangs were completely gone. It wasn’t until this point I realised that perhaps I was never “hungry” to begin with; surely if I were that eager for a bite to eat, it would have carried over into the night? Thanks to the natural sugar contained within the juices’ fruits, I most certainly wasn’t low on energy and felt as alert and clear-headed as ever.

Dietox 1-Day Juices Therapy
Dietox aims to balance and readjust our nutrition patterns

Admittedly, I enjoyed my last juice of the day the most. Finding it a lot less tart than the others, the blend of cashew milk, lime, agave syrup, banana, beetroot, and maca lived up to its promise of being a relaxing smoothie. It felt worth hanging in there for and ended the day on a delicious note.

The next day, I found it much easier to get back on track with eating clean after three weeks of non-stop vice. My energy was high and I’d slept the sleep of the just, enabling me to bounce back into action with a good sense of wellbeing.

You can enjoy Dietox juice plans from 1 Day £50 to 5 Day £210.

Simply visit to order yours!