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Sagittarius launches new premium vodka in the UK

Golovkine Vodka

Anglo-French spirits company Sagittarius has launched a new wheat-based prmeium French vodka that aims to rival both Grey Goose and Belvedere.

Golovkine Vodka, described as “the most Russian of French vodkas”, has been five-times distilled, which Sagittarius claims “will produce one of the purest vodkas on the market at 40% abv”.

It features a clever bottle that notifies consumers when the vodka is at optimum drinking temperature, with thermochromic inks in the label turning certain elements blue when the bottle reaches 0°C or lower.

Golovkine Vodka is named after 17th and 18th century statesman Count Gavriil Golovkin – the master of ceremonies for the Tsar, grand chancellor of the emperor and ambassador to Russia to Louis XIV.

Produced by Golovkine’s French descendants, the vodka is five-times distilled using wheat grown in the Beauce region. A six distillation in old copper alembic stills also takes place, giving the liquid a quality that allows it to “rival all other first-rate brands such as Grey Goose and Belvedere”.

“This vodka embodies Golovkine through its purity and excellence – the essence of Russian tradition – combined with the expertise and sophistication of the French,” said Sagittarius in a statement.

The spirit is currently being served in two top London fine dining restaurants, Gastronhome and Koji. It will also be available from leading UK retailers Harrods and Honest Grapes at an RRP of £45.