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The celebrity fat loss techniques that really work

When it comes to getting in good shape, few do it better than celebrities, with most of them regularly spotted showing off their honed abs and toned arms on beach holidays around the word. But just like us mere mortals, achieving the dream body takes hard work and dedication – and doesn’t happen overnight.

Even so, it’s not unusual to see a new celebrity mother looking back to their best only weeks after giving birth, or an overweight celebrity suddenly looking svelte and slim – and it’s hard not to wonder just how they do it.

In reality, celebrities tend to have far more time and money to dedicate to perfecting their figures that your average person. And, even when they are busy with filming or going on tour, their fame relies on looking good – so working out and eating well has to remain high priority. Even so, there are some secrets to success that many of them swear by – and if you’re prepared to splash the cash, then you too could enjoy an easier ride.

Here’s how they do it.

Hire Help


When it comes to looking your best, sometimes it pays to have others do the hard work for you. Most celebrities hire their own personal trainers, who do not come cheap – but a highly qualified coach who is renowned on the celebrity circuit for getting results is a sure-fire ticket to reaching your ‘best you’. Not only will they provide you with a highly personalised programme to follow, but they’ll also make sure you actually stick to it with regular one-on-one sessions. There’s no need for morning motivation with a personal trainer on hand – you’ll be doing that session, whether you like it or not.

Celebrities often also employ nutritionists and dieticians, who prepare daily meal plans to keep them on track – making sure they eat the right foods to fuel their hectic lifestyles and complement their intense training schedules. Some celebrities also use diet supplements from sites such as Astral Nutrition, to support them in achieving their weight loss goals more quickly. There’s no room to veer off track when someone else plans it all out for you – and you’ll have someone to answer to if you do.

For those celebrities with young children, a live-in nanny is also an important member of staff, and employing one can free up their time – giving them a chance to do everything thing their team of experts ask of them, and do it well. It’s easy when you have the help!

Understand nutritional needs

Asparagus Salad

When it comes to healthy eating, superfood salads are a celebrity favourite. Gone are the days of sad, solitary lettuce leaves, making way instead for high protein high fat choices that include chicken, prawns, avocado and olive oil. The low carb lifestyle is still very much alive in celebrity hotspots such as LA, but many celebrities have now come around to the idea of fuelling their bodies rather than restricting – a much healthier approach all round. With such busy lifestyles and schedules, poor nourishment simply isn’t an option – but that’s not to say that calories don’t still come into play to some degree.

It’s all about understanding your basal metabolic rate, and ensuring you eat at maintenance – that doesn’t mean counting calories every day, however – it just means having a rough idea of the amount of food and macronutrients you really need, and trying to stay in the ballpark whilst eating intuitively.

Opt for fewer courses

When it comes to eating out at restaurants, it can be tempting to go the whole hog and have a starter, main and dessert – but often, this is far more than we actually need, and we leave feeling uncomfortably full, ridden with guilt, and ready to go to bed.

The celebrity approach is to opt for a minimal number of courses – whether that’s just one main, or sometimes, just two starters – a move which is favoured by actress Jennifer Lawrence. Those with a sweet tooth don’t always have to give up their desserts, either, and may sometimes opt for just a starter beforehand to even things out. This way, it does not matter how high class the restaurant is, or who else they happen to be dining with – they can still have a meal they enjoy.

It’s all about balance, and it’s a healthier approach we could all take to eating out.

Hire a private chef

Wolfgang Puck

Sometimes, and especially after having recently given birth, all a woman wants to do is to stay at home and rest for a while. Having a new baby can be incredibly tiring, but rewarding, too – and you’ll want to spend as much time with your newborn as possible.

Celebrities still need to eat healthily if they want to snap back to their pre-pregnancy figures, though – and a personal chef is often just the ticket to ensuring they consistently eat well. It’s all very well having a nutritionist, but sometimes you need a little extra help to set the wheels in motion.

Many celebrities rely on this approach, as having someone else do the cooking makes sure they are always eating well; new mothers can often find themselves too tired to cook, and can end up snacking on something less than balanced otherwise.