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The Spirit of Rose: A taste of royal history in the confinements of our homes

By Anuja Gaur  |  April 24, 2020

Covid-19 has sent the globe into a situation never experienced before, turning our lives the full 360 degrees to adjust to a quarantined way of life. A new life of social media posts minus pouting for the cameras, with our glamorous bffs in guest list only members clubs, impossible to get into Michelin star restaurants, and the latest to be seen bars flashing our jewel-topped, smoky magic potion-themed Instagrammable cocktails.

With the lockdown in danger of sending us into a social meltdown, the hospitality world rode to our rescue, rewriting and reinventing the rule book on experience creation and interactions, to keep our favourite wine and dine establishments thriving. Never before had we seen Michelin star dining encased in exquisite designer packaging, and classic cocktail concoctions delivered to the comforts of our homes, shaker and all!

Stepping it up a notch were some of the finest dining connoisseurs, opening up their five-star culinary bibles to the public, and exclusive drink brands available at the click of a button, delivered safely to our door. Pairing up with some of the leading A-List cocktail maestros, enabling us to recreate their exquisitely honed skills from our own kitchens, through step by step Instagram masterclasses and online recipes. One of those saviours was the award winning, 18th century rose spirit liqueur, Lanique.

Discovered over two centuries ago, this exquisite product was enjoyed and cherished among kings, queens and powerful emperors within the Kingdom of Prussia, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Austrian Empire. The dedicated process of steam distilling thousands of fragrant rose petals, sourced from the world’s most exotic locations, formed the key significant ingredient of Lanique; a pure rose oil known as the Attar of rose worth more per kilo than pure, solid gold. The vibrant pink and red tinged colour, combined with its unique and tantalisingly floral flavour, made Lanique the coveted choice of drink during the royals’ numerous grand and illustrious celebrations.

Until the roaring 1920s, Lanique remained a high society favourite until its disappearance during the Second World War, owing to the trade route blockages, which attributed to the tragic loss of the symbolic ingredient that gave birth to this product; the fresh and delicate rose petals.

The reopening of Eastern Europe and rediscovery of this beloved drinks rich history, paired with the pain staking dedication of the finest culinary artisans to recreate that impeccably rare recipe, now sees Lanique distilled and launched in the UK. Ever faithful to its grand heritage, this deliciously delicate, yet, powerful liqueur, reminiscent of a Turkish delight sweet, combining its floral essence with light notes of raspberry, complete with mild white chocolate and pepper undertones, remains a firm cocktail base choice in some of the most exclusive luxury establishments. From Mayfair members’ only club, 12 Hay Hill, high-end restaurant, Brasserie of Light home to the ethereal 24-foot crystal encrusted Pegasus, and multi designer haven Harvey Nichols, to name a few.

Widely available for purchase online from The Whiskey Exchange, Master of Malt and Amazon for around £30, the beautifully designed bottle pays homage to the specially sourced ingredients and unparalleled history that brought Lanique to life. Antique gold reflects the priceless Attar of Rose, and royal blue tones are a nod to Prussia’s grandeur opulence, that was showcased in their lavish, awe-inspiring balls representing the epitome of aristocracy.

Sublime Lanique recipes and masterclasses, using simple techniques, minimal ingredients and fresh, easily available garnishing currently cascade through the internet, including on the brand’s own website and Instagram pages. A refreshing rose fizz requiring nothing more than your favourite choice of bubbles, a high society Prussian 75 with a twist of fresh, sharp lemon, or a sumptuously floral, rose and lychee bellini enveloping the flavours of the East form some of many delicious recipes available, not forgetting the show stopping stunner, a baby pink real rose petal martini.

The added versatility of this syrupy liqueur also serves as a heady twist to the traditional negroni and mojito classics, injects a simple yet luxuriously exotic romance to an ice cold glass of Champagne, and a little added Sex and The City spice to THAT ruby red cosmopolitan, made famous by New Yorker and Manolo-loving Carrie Bradshaw on the ultra successful TV series. For the inventive mixologist buried within, there shines the chance to release your creative juices with a variety of self-made, imaginative concoctions worthy of a spotlight in a marble topped cocktail bar, minus the lavish price tag.

In this unnerving and turbulent lockdown period, the golden opportunity to merge modern-day interactive talent with culinary creativity has never shone brighter upon us, with Lanique serving as one of many tools within our reach. Encompassing 18th century royal heritage with today’s modern-day flair, Lanique is on hand to add that splash of sophistication to your next Zoom evening soirée, SoundCloud summer garden party, and FaceTime Champagne date night.


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