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The ultimate foodie road trip through the world’s steak capital of Argentina

Argentina is hoping to welcome over nine million tourists in 2019. With its beautiful culture and delectable food, there’s no wonder that it’s expected to be one of the tourist hotspots of the year – it’s even been voted one of Lonely Planet’s best value destinations.

If Argentina is already in your travel plans for 2019 than its time to add it, and what better way to explore all the delights this country has to offer than with a foodie road trip through the countries top culinary regions, put together recipe box provider Gousto.

If you only know one thing about Argentinians it’s probably that they love their meats. Walking down the streets in any city in the country you be breathing in the constant smell of beef sizzling away on the grill.

Argentinian chef cooking meat in the restaurant
If you only know one thing about Argentinians it’s probably that they love their meats

In every region of Argentina, there are hundreds of restaurants and cafés lining the sidewalks – the Argentinians love to eat – but all that choice could be a bit overwhelming. How do you know where you can go to really get a true taste of the culture?

Gousto has picked out only the best options to give you a taste of every dish Argentina is famous for, in a range of restaurants, from 5-star eateries to hidden local gems.

Pick up your rental car and get ready to explore the city of Buenos Aires. Try a true taste of local culture and a head to Cabaña Las Lilas for a cut of ribeye steak with fresh cuts of meat that come from the owners ranch.

Cabaña Las Lilas, located in the heart of Puerto Madero, is a restaurant that combines the tradition of Argentinean meat with Brazilian warmth and hospitality. Image credit: Cabaña Las Lilas

From the bustling city to scenic country roads, take a drive up to Risoria to enjoy the view of the Paraná River that follows along the route. Stop in at Pasión por las Brasas, a local treasure tucked away off the beaten track, it’s a little difficult to find but trust us it’s worth it as the restaurant boasts the tastiest grill in the city.

Now it’s on to the rural red rock mountains where you will find the most delectable foods you will experience during your trip. Head down to Cafayate enjoy a full plate of the best Salteña de Carne empanadas you will ever have at La Casa de las Empanadas – there so good you’ll almost certainly order seconds.


1.) Cabaña Las Lilas – The owner has his own ranch, whose cattle provide the fresh cuts of beef for all their dishes.

2.) Don Julio – Here nothing goes to waste – they serve practically the entire cow. If you’ve only got one meal there, however, you’ll want to order the house cut; bife de cuadril (rump steak), cooked on their traditional V iron grill.

3.) El Desnivel – With so many mouthwatering options on the menu you’ll want to try everything but we recommend the chorizo (sausage) sandwich. Watch out though, the delicious smells from the grill are practically torturous while you wait.

4.) Pasión por las Brasas – A local treasure tucked away off the beaten track that will give you a true, local Argentina experience.

5.) El Papagayo Restaurant – Ready to try something a bit different? This restaurant mixes traditional Argentinian food with a Mediterranean twist.

6.) Gapasai – Cordoba was relatively unknown to travellers until recently but this restaurant has put it on the map. Serving a nine-course menu, you don’t have to worry about picking what you want to eat, the chef just delivers a mind-blowing meal every time.

7.) La Casa de las Empanadas – You won’t find better Salteña de Carne empanadas anywhere in Argentina.