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The very best wine storage solutions

eurocave wine storage solutions

If you want to buy wine to keep, it is worth knowing that it is a fragile product that needs careful storage. The ideal conditions are reunited in a cool cellar, but with today’s expensive housing market finding an affordable property with an additional bedroom, let alone a cellar, is almost impossible.

What is needed for long-term storage
The temperature for all wines should be cool and constant, preferably between 10 and 15˚C, as extremes of cold and heat can cause damages. Wines should be kept away from strong light as it speeds up the ageing process, meaning the wine will become old before its time. Some degree of humidity is required in order to keep wines with cork enclosures from drying out. This process can allow oxygen to enter the bottle, possibly causing the wine to oxidize. Excessive humidity can also pose the risk of damaging wine labels, which may hinder identification or hurt potential resale value. Finally, the wine should be kept away from vibrations, in order for it to lie undisturbed.

Why you should not store wine in your kitchen or your fridge
The wide fluctuations in temperature only result in spoiling the wine or developing off-flavours. Also, extended periods of refrigeration can cause corks to harden and lose their elasticity, with the result that the seal fails and air can attack the wine causing it to become stale.

We take a look at the very best wine storage solutions that are currently on the market.

Wine Art from EuroCave, £299

Black & Silver or Black & White, EuroCave (showroom and online)

Wine Art from EuroCave
Wine Art from EuroCave

The first of its kind available on the UK consumer market, Wine Art preserves open bottles for up to 10 days thanks to an air extraction system (according to the wine and its vintage). In the unlikely event that any air enters in the open bottle; the Wine Art will remove it again so you can finally have just a glass of your favourite Meursault or Sauvignon Blanc without worrying about having to waste the rest of the bottle (or having to drink it all!)

To bring your wine to the correct serving temperature, you can either set compartment to be at 16°C (for the reds) or at 8°C (for the whites) at the touch of a button.

Tête à Tête from EuroCave, £1,250

Black, EuroCave (showroom and online)

Tête à Tête from EuroCave
Tête à Tête from EuroCave

The innovative Tête à Tête wine cabinet stores up to 12 bottles at mixed serving temperatures, meaning while the white wine is chilled, the red is at its ideal temperature. It has a high degree of accuracy and there is even a boost zone at the bottom, in order to further chill whites or champagnes if required.

As the Wine Art, it has an air extraction system that will help you keep that special bottle open for up to 10 days. It has a touch screen so it is user friendly and ingenious!

The Revelation Wine Cabinet from EuroCave

From £2,600 to £2,950.00 for small format. From £4,050.00 to £4,500.00 for large format

The Revelation Wine Cabinet from EuroCave
The Revelation Wine Cabinet from EuroCave

The jewel in the crown of wine cabinets, the Revelation range is the perfect combination of technology and design. It is specifically designed to store your wine in optimal conditions or bring it to the correct serving temperature. Your wine will be pampered inside the cabinet, held by ‘main du sommelier’ supports to offer optimal protection. Your bottles will also be bathed in a halo of anti UV light to show them off. Elegant shelf labels will allow you to write down information about your wine.

The Revelation wine cabinets come in two ranges: the V range and the S Range. The V range matures your wine under ideal conditions under optimal temperature conditions (12-13°C). The S range is a graduating drinking cabinet that keeps your wine at its ideal serving temperature, ready to open and pour.

They are also extremely energy efficient, with low noise levels.

Available in buffle or black, these luxury cabinets can also be finished with ostrich grain or crocodile grain. You can store between 92 and 234 bottles, according to your needs.