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Top 10 spirits of the UK that you should try in 2019

By Felicity Williams on 20th April 2019

There’s been a huge spike of alcohol producers here in the UK, just take a Mother’s Ruin as a prime example. There’s been such rapid growth in the number of UK-based distilleries popping up, and with more gin brands than ever on the market, there’s no wonder that last year saw record-breaking sales. There are now 315 gin distilleries in the UK, more than double the number that were operating five years ago. With that in mind, we’ve selected our favorite spirits from UK firms, both established and the newcomers that you should be trying.

Salted Toffee Liqueur by Aber Falls

Aber Falls

In collaboration with Halen Môn, Aber Falls have developed a liqueur which combines a rich, smooth toffee flavour, punctuated with Anglesey Sea Salt, because as we all know, the addition of salt makes everything more delicious. This product has received some high praise indeed from the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal. They recommend adding a dash (or three) into cloudy apple juice with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Pinkster Gin by Pinkster

Pinkster 70cl New Label

It’s pink and it’s tasty, yes it’s the original Pinkster gin. Made from real raspberries it is both dry and fruity with a smooth finish. Simply add to tonic water with some muddled mint and a few raspberries to garnish. It’s refreshing and is a little different to the usual G&T.

Elderflower Liqueur by Edinburgh Gin

EG Elderflower_50cl

A super versatile liqueur, this one by Edinburgh Gin is packed with the sweetly-perfumed flavour of elderflowers. It exudes floral notes as well as sweet, light citrus touches of grapefruit, pear, and peach. Add a splash into sparkling wine and fizzes, it’s a game changer.

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur by Conker

Now, this is a coffee liqueur for all of those who love coffee. The Bournemouth based company makes the most of Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees for this product. They’ve just added a hint of demerara sugar and their British wheat spirit. Brilliant for espresso martinis.

Blood Orange Vodka by Whitley Neill


One word describes this vodka: zesty. On first taste, it’s sweet but then a tarter Sicilianilan orange comes through with a touch of spice. Add to fresh orange juice, lime juice, and runny honey for a cocktail taste sensation.

Vodka by FAIR

FAIR. Vodka

Our logic tells us that this quinoa-based vodka is good for us, as it’s been long categorized as a superfood due to its nutritional content. Plus, it’s gluten free so suits all of those with an intolerance. This vodka will undoubtedly add a punch to a tonic. Shop the FAIR line at Waitrose.

Lemongrass & Ginger Gin by Liverpool Gin

Liverpool Gin

An unusual blend from Liverpool Gin, there’s notes of oriental fruits and spices. The founding tastes are of lemongrass, lime, and juniper with zingy notes of fresh ginger, allspice, and kaffir lime leaves for a complexity. You’ll also pick up on the coriander, angelica root, and cardamom flavours. Make the most of this spirit by adding it to a very good, original tonic.

Westbourne Dry Gin by Millers Gin

Westbourne Strength - 70cl

A higher strength gin, this will blow your socks off but in the most delicious way.

The product was first launched in 2003 due to requests from ‘mixologists’ wanting a version that would give a more ‘old school’ authenticity to their classic repertoire of cocktails. And so, it’s been loved since. Expect spice and nutmeg, perfect for martinis as well as classic gin-based cocktails.

Peated English Whisky by Sacred

Rich and nutty, this single malt by Sacred has a sherry finish (their barrels previously contained Pedro Ximenez sherry). It gets even better as it features notes of Christmas cake and clove, with peat smoke and sea salt to really boost the flavours.

Spiced Rum by Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Dark Matter Distillers, founded by brothers Jim and John Ewen began production of Scotland’s first spiced rum four years ago. Expect a warming molasses-based rum that has powerful notes of pepper, ginger, green peppercorns, and allspice. Delicious. Just add soda water or a good quality ginger beer.