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Top food pairings this game season

The UK’s game season officially starts today – and adventurous ingredients and quirky pairings to transform dinner parties can be much simpler than expected.

Below, Steve Smith, Head Chef at Michelin-starred Bohemia, shares his favourite ingredients to pair with game which are sure to leave friends and family ‘pheasant-ly’ surprised!

Venison and Chocolate
As one of the most popular game meats, venison is renowned for being low in fat and big on flavour. The jus pairs perfectly with dark chocolate to create a rich sauce with a bitter kick. Adding a drop of red wine or some seasonal berries will add acidity to balance the sauce.

Grouse and Autumn Berries
Grouse has a strong, signature game flavour, which partners well with the sweet and sour notes of autumnal berries. In this case the grouse would eat berries in its natural habitat so the combination works particularly well.

Partridge and Wild Mushrooms
Out of all the game birds, partridge is one of the most delicate and subtle in terms of taste. In light of this, it is important to not overpower it and let the meat speak for itself. Wild mushrooms are a great partridge pairing as they give a delicious, earthy aroma.

Pigeon and Beetroot
The signature earthy taste of the beetroot is the perfect robust pairing for the rich nature of pigeon. Ingredients that are available at the same time always make good pairings and this is certainly true of pigeon and beetroot.

Hare and Blue Cheese
A slightly more unusual duo, but hare and blue cheese can be a delicious combination. The cheese acts as a great seasoning to the leg meat as it is both sharp and salty.

Bohemia Bar & Restaurant provides unrivalled Michelin Star dining in the heart of Jersey. Head Chef Steve Smith, who has held a Michelin Star for over 15 years from the age of just 24, has created a truly outstanding dining experience with his ingredient and flavour driven tasting menus.