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Top tips to create the perfect summer salad

olive oil and salad

From a resourceful way to dry lettuce, to the best way to balance flavours, Harvester’s salad expert Chris Griffin shares his top tips for creating the perfect salad.

Here’s his creative advice to make your friends as green as your salad with envy.

1.) Not many of us have a salad spinner these days, but who wants soggy salad for their lunch? Not us! It’s so important to make sure your leaves are dry especially if you want them to be dressed. Pop your wet leaves into a clean pillowcase, spin it around a few times and you’ll get super dry leaves.

2.) If you like the taste of onions but find them a little overpowering, soak them in ice-cold water for about 5-10 minutes to mellow the flavour.

3.) Seeds should be toasted to release the aromatics and to add crunch to a salad. Do this in a dry pan with no oil to get a really great finish on your seeds.

4.) Ever thought of adding spice to your fruit? You might think were insane but trust us, it works. Try pineapple, melon or cucumber with a little bit of chilli.

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