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10 top tips for mastering stunning mobile photography

With smartphone cameras now competing with leading camera brands, mobile photography is considered a norm, if not a necessity. Camera sales have dropped as more of us opt for the cameras on our phones instead of digital ones. In many ways using your phone is more convenient for both travel space, as well as the speed of uploading pictures onto social media and other platforms. When taking a photo it helps to have a picturesque setting to inspire your inner photographer, so grab your phone and get snapping for an easy way to capture those important holiday memories. Here are some tips to keep in mind when capturing a breath-taking moment.

Timing is Everything
Whether it’s the glittering water reflecting the moon while having a late night dip or the sun casting an impeccable shadow over colonial architecture, timing is the key component. When experiencing these magical moments, it’s vital to ensure your phone is charged and ready to snap a picture to capture something incredible which could disappear in an instant.

Avoid Using Zoom
It can be tempting to zoom in on an object, setting, or person to get a better view. However, zooming in is essentially just pixelating the image, making it appear blurry. A serene sunset shouldn’t be ruined by being tempted to zoom in when taking a photo. Instead, move closer to the subject you are taking a photo of, or crop afterwards to ensure the quality of the photo is intact.

Learn How to Use Lighting
No matter what the time of day or night, lighting can be altered to perfection. Mobile phones allow users to manually adjust the exposure, this can make a light photo dark, or a dark photo light. Capturing a photo of a romantic dinner overlooking the shore shouldn’t be neglected due to the dark lighting, simply altering the exposure can solve this problem. Bob Krist, a professional travel photographer, advises mobile photographers shooting in low light to steady the phone because the shutter will be acting slower and as a result, your photos could turn out blurred.

Always Clean the Lens
Wherever you keep your phone, chances are that grime and dirt will find its way into or around the lens. It’s important to wipe the lens before use with a clean cloth or towel. It might not appear dirty, yet it can affect the darkness and blurriness of the photos and can make a big difference on clarity of the picture. Nobody wants to take a photo of a lush garden to then later realise there’s a crumb stuck in the lens.

Play Around with Angles
Selecting the appropriate angle can make or break a photo. With precision, patience and practice, you can change the appearance of an object or setting to alter it to your liking. The true essence of a grand building can be captured whilst wandering around on holiday, displaying its impressive design and structure. Using different angles can show different viewpoints; possibilities are endless with the interpretations that may emerge.

Take Numerous Photos
There’s no need to stop at one photo, it’s always good to make as many memories as possible. Play around with different camera shots, angles and lengths. No matter how many photos are taken, hidden in the collection may be the winning shot. It may be the only time you are soaring through the ocean on a speedboat, so never pass up on an opportunity to take a few snaps.

Wait for the Perfect Moment
Sometimes the best way to take a photo is to wait for the moment to come to you. When the lighting is flawless, the sky perfectly fuses into the sea, and the sand looks like it could stretch on forever, that is the time to take a photo. Taking a relaxing stroll across a glorious beach may be the magnificent moment that you have been waiting for.

Try Not to Over-Edit Photos
Resist the urge to process your photos too much. It can be tempting to apply multiple effects to a photo to try and make it better. Instead of over-editing photos, delete the photos that aren’t adequate until you find the one that creates that that moment of satisfaction. When on holiday in a foreign country, often the surroundings are too sublime to alter with editing.

Use the Rule of Thirds
The rule of thirds involves imagining two horizontal lines and two vertical lines across the phone camera lens, then framing the subject so it is featured in the middle square of the lines. Some phones will have an automatic effect of these lines over the image, but if they don’t, imagination will be sufficient.

Avoid Direct Sunlight
To ensure the photo is clear, avoid taking a picture with dazzling sunlight in the shot. Avoiding direct sunlight will make the subject easier to see, and create better lighting for the overall photo. The sun can create the perfect image when hitting the subject from the right angles.