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5 luxury items you never knew you could buy online

By LLM Reporters  |  March 25, 2020

With a little more time on our hands at the moment we’re no doubt spending some extra time online, looking for escapism, finding more ways to entertain ourselves, planning our epic trips away once we are allowed to travel and browsing potential purchases.

On your cyber travels you’ve most likely come across an array of things you’ve never seen before, it’s a great opportunity to discover the weird and wonderful aspects of the online world. Perhaps you’re searching for something to buy that will cheer you up or come in handy or you’re looking for that truly unique gift for a loved one. Though you can’t go out and purchase anything but essentials, you don’t need to with this selection of items. If you’re looking for inspiration for that unique gift for someone, or yourself, then read on for the five luxury items we bet you never knew you could purchase online.

A robot

Not just for the science fiction movies, talking robots are real and you can buy one for yourself from Rapid online. For just over £17,000 you have the opportunity to purchase Pepper, an autonomous talking humanoid robot, which can identify emotions such as joy, anger, surprise or sadness and respond accordingly. Programmed to perceive behaviour and make appropriate reactions and gestures, this is a scarily intuitive creation. Pepper can also move around with grace and flexibility on its three omni-directional wheels and has a touch screen to allow for integration of web pages, images and applications. The future is here, and it’s called Pepper.


Buying a funeral casket online may seem a little strange but, if you think about it, it actually offers you the chance to be a little more pragmatic and less emotional about things. Perhaps you can select a style you like and include it in your final wishes, saving the hassle of a loved one having to choose for you? It’s an emotional thing for someone else to have to do and the pressure of getting it right isn’t something they need after you’re gone, so go ahead and choose for yourself and be well prepared. You can opt for a luxury bronze, copper, wood or bio casket and say goodbye in style. This is a serious purchase though so make sure you go on a trusted website for this buy.

A piece of the moon

If purchasing a casket is a little too dark for you then how about a piece of the moon? Though you won’t get an actual chunk of moon to hold in your hand you can own a whole acre of the Sea of Tranquillity via New York based Lunar Registry. Gaze into the night sky every evening and spot your piece of lunar real estate from 384,000km away. Along with your property on the moon you receive tangible items including an engraved deed, a satellite photograph of the section you own and an information sheet detailing the geography of your region. Perfect for those space lovers among us.

A private island

When normal life resumes, once again, you may just want to escape it all, especially if the prospect of a lockdown is probable once more. How about a lavish private Greek island in the Ionian Sea to hide away on? 1,100 acres of secluded space could be all yours via Vladi Private Islands for a cool €45 million. With dramatic cliffs peaking at 334 metres, natural harbours, sea caves, crystal clear waters ideal for diving and sand and pebble beaches to recline on, this island is a slice of paradise. Situated between the islands of Ithaka and Lafkada, your island comes complete with a house, church and goats. Where do I sign?

Title of lord or lady

We’re all the lords and ladies of our own manors but isn’t it about time we made this official so that everyone else can appreciate our greatness too? For as little as £15.95 you may legally use the honorific title of Lord or Lady and you will own five square feet of dedicated estate land within the Hougun Manor Estate, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Lake District National Park. Along with this you receive a personalised title certificate, a legal title deed, title crests, a welcome letter and colour brochure. All you will need to do now is practice your regal wave.