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AKG incorporate TruNote in AKG90Q Headphones

AKG collaborate with Quincy Jones on AKG N90Q noise cancelling headphones.

AKG have incorporated TruNote calibration technology in the brand-new AKG N90Q auto-calibrating, noise-cancelling headphones elevating custom audio to a new level.

The TruNote technology is composed of a new, proprietary software solution for auto-calibration and frequency response measurement in combination with a patented, dual-foam ear cushion and pistonic motion driver.

The AKG N90Q headphones have been designed in collaboration with Quincy Jones and features a gold TruNote button that emits tones when pressed. The auto-calibration solution uses two microphones in each ear cup in order to measure the perceived frequency response of the headphone.

AKG N90Q set for October release.
AKG N90Q features a gold TruNote button that emits tones when pressed.

The TruNote software then analyses the sound pressure distribution, referencing the size and shape of your ear to generate an accurate correction filter to minimise distortion, optimising and delivering truly accurate sound within a second. The addition of  patented dual-density memory foam ear cups help to suppress unwanted reflections between ear and driver, but also support passive noise cancelling performance while improving comfort dramatically.

Together with the novel pistonic-motion 52 mm transducer that uses a special Japanese paper membrane (positioned off-centre to allow for maximum alignment between driver and ear canal), it ensures optimal sound reproduction.

The AKG N90Qs with TruNote technology are set for public release in late October 2015 at £1,300 (EUR 1,499).