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Browsing, gaming, and streaming: Should you splurge on a folding phone?

By LLM Reporters on 17th December 2019

Just when you thought smart phones couldn’t get any smarter, someone comes up with the idea of a folding screen. Folding lengthways, like a book, to create a larger surface area for the screen, these phones are not just a gimmick but could just be what those on the go have been waiting for to keep their entertainment options slick.

New to the mobile market, these folding phones have been making a splash in the entertainment world – no more lugging around a laptop or having to find extra space for a tablet when you have one of these to hand. Whether it’s gaming or a TV series that you can’t wait to watch, life will become all the more easier with one of these.

The basics

What sets folding phones apart from their contemporaries can be found in their name: they fold. Not just astoundingly futuristic looking, these serve an extremely useful purpose in doubling the effective workable and viewable area of a mobile device.

Samsung has refined the Galaxy Fold to be more reliable

It’s not just the extra screen size either, as the slightly increased depth of these devices means that they can also hold slightly more processing power than their earlier counterparts. This means more to look at and at a higher potential level of detail. This is especially important because of the increasing reliance on streaming things from casino games like roulette and slots, to Netflix.

Film and television streaming

Most of us have used our mobile to stream YouTube before, but we tend to draw the line at services like Netflix. This is because, while we have no real issue for smaller videos, the cramped style of traditional mobile screens can prevent our desire for longer viewing sessions.

The Huawei Mate X was unveiled at MWC 2019

The exact limits of where we draw this viewing screen line are nebulous, but having spent some time with folding phones, we can comfortably say it lies somewhere between the two types of mobiles. In other words, watching a TV series or movie on the go with folding phones is now a viable and enjoyable experience like never before. Of course, traditional TV screens are always preferable, but in many cases, these won’t be available. Whether out or about after work, at the airport or at any other number of situations, these are the ideal choice.

Getting into gambling

Gaming is another area where, in many cases, traditional mobiles work perfectly well, for example, you can play roulette online at the likes of PaddyPower Casino with a standard phone and already have a great experience. Many of these table games are already designed specifically for mobile adaption, so cramped visuals and controls won’t be an issue.

On the other hand, the games that do incorporate some degree of live streaming, such as live casino games, will naturally benefit from larger screens. These won’t give any advantage in terms of ability, but for driving a deeper level of engagement, the expanded viewing space is utterly fantastic.

With live casino games only becoming more popular, this match is rapidly becoming the favoured way to play for many.

Getting the best

While there were initial concerns over the reliability of folding phone technology, time has shown these concerns to be largely overstated. There were a few cases of damage in some cases, but these were quickly addressed, and the coming devices have already made strides to improve on these initial designs.

If you’re a fan of video streaming or playing casino games online on sites such as Gamblizard UK, these are most likely going to become the way you want to engage the future. Like any new technology, they are more expensive, but their quality can easily be worth the cost. If a folding phone sounds like a device that could fit in with your lifestyle, then we recommend taking a look next time you go for an upgrade.

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