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Commuting in style: The folding bike that never goes out of trend

If you’re looking to improve your daily commute, while also saving money, a folding bike could be just what you need.

Folding bicycles are fast gaining in popularity and it isn’t hard to see why. Providing a more compact design to make storing the bike much more convenient, they’re fantastic for daily commutes to work or college.

Here, we’ll look at why the folding bike is so popular and why it’s unlikely to ever go out of trend.

Folding bikes Vs Regular bikes

If you’re looking to improve your daily commute a folding bike could be just what you need

When you’re choosing a bicycle for commuting purposes, folding bikes are generally an overall better option. This is because, compared to regular bikes, the folding variations are much easier to carry and store; especially within a busy city location.

Regular bikes can be quite tricky to carry around with you. They’re heavier than a folding bike and their size makes them difficult to take on public transportation. With a folding bike, you can simply fold it up and take it on any form of public transport you like without worrying about where it will fit.

Once you actually get to work, you can also store a folding bicycle under your desk, rather than having to tie it up outside. This added security is another awesome benefit of investing in a folding rather than a regular bicycle.

Of course, not all folding bicycles are made equal, so you’ll only gain these benefits if you invest in a top-quality folding bike. If you do your research, you’ll see certain brands like Brompton are highly recommended.

They’re incredibly easy to fold

The iconic Brompton folding bike has been handmade in London since 1975

One thing which puts many people off investing in a folding bike is how easy it will be to fold up. While it’s true many of the older folding bikes were a little tricky to fold, the modern varieties have been upgraded to make folding them up a piece of cake.

It takes just a few seconds to fold up the bikes, making it really easy to take them on public transportation during peak times.

Brompton lockers provide safe storage

If you still won’t be able to store a folding bike within the workplace, there are great security options available. Did you know for example, Brompton offers fantastic storage locker rentals?

Brompton offers fantastic storage locker rentals

These lockers are weather resistant and fully secure. Offered as part of a pool bike scheme, they’re great for landlords and employers to offer their tenants and staff. They’re even designed to allow branding to be placed on the side of the locker, making them a great marketing tool too. Being able to store the bike in a locker, rather than tying it up, reduces the risk of the bike being stolen.

Overall, folding bikes are becoming more popular and the trend is unlikely to die down anytime soon. They’re stylish, convenient, easy to fold, great for the environment and more secure to store than regular bikes. So, if you haven’t yet considered investing in a folding bike, now is definitely the time to do so.