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Denon announce AH-D7200: a new flagship headphone set

Luxury home entertainment brand Denon has announced the release of its new flagship headphone set, the AH-D7200.

With well over half a century of experience in the design and development of headphones, Denon’s new over-ear model encapsulates the pure essence of beauty, while also providing unparalleled sound quality.

Carefully selected materials create a pair of headphones that are just as much a piece of art as a practical investment. Combining these aesthetics with innovative technologies means the AH-D7200 fully deserves its £600 price tag.

Achieving perfection meant that Denon had to develop new materials and designs to bring the very best results to the project.

“Behind the classic looks of the AH-D7200, just about every element is new,” said a spokesman for Denon.

First there are the walnut wood ear cup housings, which Denon headphone specialists say are made from real, natural walnut that is “self-dampening and shaped to reduce internal resonances.” It’s also said that these impressive casings give the headphones a “warmer, more speaker-like sound” due to their density.

The AH-D7200 headphones feature real walnut wood cups for a classic look that delivers excellent sound quality.

These exquisite ear cups are suspended on ergonomically curved diecast aluminium hangers, while the black headband is finished in real sheepskin leather to complete a classical look with modern potential.

The ear cushions comprise of a perfectly trimmed Japanese-developed synthetic leather that is chosen for its softness and durability. The focus on comfort is continued thanks to the inclusion of memory foam that creates the best, most bespoke, fit for each and every one of us.

“It’s all part of a design engineered for maximum enjoyment over long listening sessions” say the experts.

Aesthetics covered, it’s about time Luxury Lifestyle Magazine delved into the technological clout these headphones possess.

At the heart of the AH-D7200 is a unique 50mm FreeEdge driver diaphragm that’s made from a nano-fibre material that is chosen for its rigidity and low mass. It’s mounted in a soft, compliant surround that makes it easier for it to move in response to musical signals without flexing or distorting the final sound – good news for the music purists among you.

A detachable cable means you can experiment with aftermarket cables to create your perfect pairing.


The ‘motor’ that drives this diaphragm uses copper coated aluminium wire to keep the voice-coil as light as possible, while extremely strong neodymium magnets increase the linearity and the speed of response. Ultimately, this means none of the motor’s energy is wasted and we as listeners experience a more direct musical encounter.

Connecting these drive units to the amplifier powering the headphones is an ultra-high-quality 7N oxygen-free copper cable. This one of a kind cable was made in Japan to Denon’s strict specification and guarantees the best possible signal transmission. It’s terminated with a durable machine-cut metal plug with a copper trim-ring that adds elegance to the final design.

A ‘floating jack’ design is also used for the connections between the cable and the headphone ear cups. This prevents the transmission of mechanical noise from the cable to the ears, while the detachable design means you can experiment with aftermarket cables to create your perfect pairing.

Put simply, the new AH-D7200 model combines innovative technologies and carefully selected materials to give you and I the finest private listening experience.

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