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Francesco Pellisari fuses sculpture and sound to deliver the Omni

Inspired the water droplet, this Italian infused speaker takes audio to a new level.

Taking inspiration from nature, Francesco Pellisari, Italian artisan and sound expert reveals the Omni, a beautifully hand crafted speaker with naturally stunning sound.

The Omni’s is composed of natural Italian ceramic with its unique form is based on a raindrop. As a young child, it was discovered that Francesco Pellisari had pitch perfect hearing and he has used his gift to create a speaker that plays music to be heard the way it was intended. The speaker combines his love of art and sculpture with his other passion, sound. Using traditional and modern materials the Omni by Francesco Pellisari features omni-directional technology, developed by Pellisari, along with the aesthetics of a sculpture that can be tailored to suit any interior.

Each unique Omni is handmade in a traditional ceramic body and allows each owner to tailor the speaker to suit their design taste and environment. The Omni is designed and built to fit each unique surrounding, shaping the style and sound to fit the environment. The glazed, hand finished ceramic has extraordinary qualities giving neutrality and purity to the sound.

Designer Francesco Pellisari says: “I have grown up surrounded by many artistic influences and the Omni was born out of my love of technology and beautiful things. Art and music invoke powerful emotions in everyone so my vision for the Omni was to create a beautiful sound experience both visually and acoustically. I’m very pleased to now bring the Omni to the UK”.

Francesco’s passion to create a speaker that enabled the listener to have the same quality and volume no matter where it was positioned in the room was driven by a lack of speakers that offered more than one directional sound. To achieve this Francesco used omni-directional technology and transmission line reflux to make the sound flood the entire room, rather than just to the area where the speaker is pointed.

The Omni offers listeners enhanced sound quality that comes as a result of being suspended from a ceiling along with omni-directional technology and transmission line reflex. Omni-directional sound enables the speakers to emit sound waves equally in all directions in constant spherical waves.  The perfected geometric shape radiates sound waves 360 degrees from two coaxial speakers placed face to face to each other. By varying the source position, through suspension, it is possible to adjust the system to any specific requirement.

The Omni has a hardwood central reflector that is custom made depending on the acoustics of the building to maximize the quality of the sound. Positioned between the tweeter and a woofer that produces a sound that is natural and lifelike. The precise scan speak tweeter enables it to yield superbly clean and precise sound imaging at all frequencies. Each pair of speakers is matched with tolerances of less than 5% resulting in a more even and matched sound than is found in most speakers. With its unique, three-dimensional character, the Omni delivers an omni-directional sensory experience that involves all the senses. Speaker and environment become one, and one could not exist without the other.

The Omni starts from £15,000 and is available from or made to order.  More information can be found on the Omni here.