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Give dog lovers the greatest gift this Christmas with the Furbo Dog Camera

It is often said that a dog is man’s best friend, and anyone who has a pooch of their own will know just how true this really rings. So much more than ‘just’ a pet, these loyal and loving creatures are equally as important as the other members of the family – and most of us would do anything to keep them safe and happy.

Whether it’s taking them out for longer walks in the countryside at the weekends, feeding them a special diet, or buying them their favourite treat as a reward for a training session well done, it’s all worth it to see them content – but as much as you might like to spend every waking minute with your pet, the reality is usually quite different.

The majority of owners go out to work in full time jobs, often leaving pooches home alone, which can leave dogs feeling lonely and anxious as a result. Whilst they are still just as excited to see you when you walk in the door, it’s impossible to know how well they coped in your absence, leaving dog parents worried for their pets’ wellbeing, and guilt-ridden for having to leave them alone.

Furbo Spec
Working closely with vets and dog trainers, Furbo is designed to stimulate a dog’s unique hearing and vision senses

That was, until the arrival of Furbo – the first interactive dog camera that helps owners to stay connected with their dogs from a distance – whether they are on their lunchbreak at work, out shopping for Christmas gifts, or enjoying a festive glass of wine or two with friends.

The innovative Furbo connects directly to your smartphone and allows you to see, talk and even toss treats to your four-legged friend, all while you’re away from home. It’s the perfect gift for worried dog owners, and for their treasured pooches, too – allowing you to soothe and reassure your pet throughout the day.

The Furbo Dog Camera is the only pet camera that’s designed especially for dogs, and was created with input from over 5,000 dog parents, experts, trainers and vets to meet dog-specific needs”, says Victor Chang, CEO of Tomofun – Furbo.

Furbo’s smart technology detects barking and sends you push notifications right away

“It comes complete with a unique set of features, including a barking alert that will let you know immediately via push notification if your dog is barking – so even when you’re out and about, you can see what the issue is, and talk to your dog in real time to comfort them.”

Suffice it to say that the Furbo is a nifty invention for anyone concerned about their pet’s wellbeing, but its uses don’t end there.

“The Furbo offers a clever ‘clicker training’ feature, so it makes a clicking sound before tossing a treat. This helps your dog to establish a positive feeling towards the device,” explains Victor.

Remote interaction helps train your dogs and comfort them when they are home alone

“It also comes complete with light status indicators in the colours that dogs can see. These change from yellow to blue to attract your pet’s attention, letting them know when you are connected.”

One of the best-selling products in its niche on Amazon, the Furbo is experiencing immense popularity this Christmas, and its compatibility with the retail giant’s famous Alexa gadget – allowing you to toss treats to your pet via voice command at scheduled intervals – makes it the ultimate last-minute gift for the dog lover in your life.

“Whether it’s for someone with a larger dog or a scrappy puppy, Furbo’s natural bamboo wooden cover sits perfectly flush at the top of Furbo to make sure your smart pup can’t get their paws on all the treats”, says Victor.

It’s beautifully designed to blend in with home aesthetics, too, and is barely noticeable when it’s not shooting out treats.

Furbo_2018-2575 treat
Furbo mimics the most fun human-dog interaction – treat tossing

Perhaps one of the most reassuring things about the Furbo is that it was created by dog owners, for dog owners – giving you the peace of mind you’ve been craving since you first brought your best friend home from the people who understand best.

“Every morning when we were leaving home, our dog would be giving us those sad puppy-dog eyes, and it would break our hearts as we shut the door behind us. It felt awful, but we didn’t have a choice,” says Victor.

“We started to talk to other parents, and realised that they, too, felt the same wrench when having to leave their dogs at home. Many of them said they couldn’t bear to be apart from their pets for too long, and would even call in sick to work to be with them, or cancel holidays when they realised they wouldn’t be able to take them along.

Similar to the clicker training, Furbo makes a “clicking” sound before tossing a treat

“Dogs spend most of their lives waiting for us at home. We’re often apart from them, when all we really want is to be together with them, so we set out on a mission to make that dream a reality – and it was then that the Furbo Dog Camera was born.”

The Furbo is an 1080p HD quality and Night Vision camera, featuring a 160º wide-angle lens, 4x zoom and infrared LED night vision for monitoring clear pictures and videos, day and night. It also offers two-way audio, with crisp, built-in speakers and an ultra-sensitive microphone, allowing you to both hear and speak to your dog and give them the comfort of a familiar voice throughout the day.

If there’s a dog owner in your family or circle of friends, then why not give them the greatest gift of all this Christmas? Access to their best friend, at any time of the day or night!