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How the high end casino industry will look in five years

The high-end casino industry is forever growing and in its efforts to remain a useful economic contributor, it’s no surprise that casinos will still be around in the future.

What about the near future though? Not everything will look the same, but the building block of high-end casinos will always remain.

Virtual Reality (VR) Gambling

A study into augmented reality across multi-platforms, from Juniper, was released in 2016. Its findings predicted that gambling wagers within VR will skyrocket 800% by 2020. This speculates that the amount of bets from VR gambling will rise from £47.2 million 2017 to almost £423 million by 2021.

VR has already become an innovative advancement in technology. With even the online gambling industry getting involved in the VR conversation it’s not hard to see the future of casinos homing numerous VR gambling systems.

Which brings us nicely on to our next point, artificial intelligence (AI).

The high-end casino industry is expected to change dramatically over the next five years

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A step, or more like a leap up from virtual reality, AI is also taking our world by amazement. You never know, in the next five years or so you could be walking into a casino with AI croupiers!

Although it might sound creepy to some, it could also be a glimpse into our future, so we better start getting used to AI.

AI software could build a faster, more efficient customer experience and create precise product personalization. Without human error involved, AI software could use data and facts to produce smooth interactions with players.

It’s also worth noting that AI systems could potentially detect gamblers that may be at risk of addiction. With information on the gamblers bets and gambling behaviour, AI systems could help prevent said gambler becoming addicted by stepping in early.

Acapture states that BetBuddy’s creators say AI systems maintain an 87% accuracy rate in detecting behavioural patterns.

las vegas
Las Vegas is widely regarded as the home of gambling


It’s been anticipated that Bitcoins will become increasingly popular within the online gambling world. People are getting the impression that this cryptocurrency will, in 5-10 years become the norm currency within Casino betting.

So what does this all mean for the next 5 years for high-end casino industries? That they’re here to stay.

Perhaps it will look a little different with VI and AI software slowly taking over casinos, but it hopefully will be positive changes and advancements. In five years the high-end casino industry will be more efficient and innovative to create a better player experience.

Which is why we look forward to watching high-end casinos grow. Plus – robot croupiers! Could we ask for anything cooler? We think not.

Please gamble responsibly (18+ UK) – check age restrictions before participating