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Improve your perspectives: A better way to take photographs

Going on holiday this summer? Many of us like nothing better than to capture and upload our weeks of sunshine and sand on Instagram, leaving them drenched in as many different filters as there are brands of beer at the bar. Yet it’s often said that less is more and this certainly applies when taking photographs.

The travel company Expedia has cottoned on to this ethos and launched Better Perspectives. It shows London through the lens of up-and-coming photographers, injecting new life into the city through their work and unique perspectives of their surroundings. Draw inspiration from this new take on the capital’s landmarks and take tips from these artists to help improve your own work. You might end up hitting a new personal best on Insta likes or return with photo backdrops which flawlessly capture your time away.

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Expedia: Better Perspectives – Buckingham Palace, London by Ben Shmulevitch

Shed new light…

Chloe Newman, one of the project contributors, used her section to capture alternative angles of the London Eye. “I personally don’t think there necessarily are any ‘rules’ when it comes to photography, I just think you have to be interested in what you are photographing and that’s when you start experimenting with angles and light”, she says.

Angles can make or break a photograph, so be creative. Along with natural lighting, they can be an amateur photographer’s finest asset – and what’s more, they’re free.

“Don’t get me wrong, different types of equipment are brilliant if you’re after certain effects or shots but you don’t need a specific type of kit if you can’t afford it. You can take a great photo with a backdrop on your iPhone or on a disposable camera these days”, Chloe continues.

Expedia -- Better Perspectives -- Millenium Bridge, London -- Genae Bailey & Daisy Ware Jarrett -- Photo 3 -- PR contact 07742842868
Expedia: Better Perspectives – Millenium Bridge, London -by Genae Bailey & Daisy Ware Jarrett

…and find the right lens

If you do have a little more money to splash out on equipment, then there’s no harm in getting a few accessories for your camera. Ben Schmulevitch, another local up-and-comer, talks about his setup.

“Everybody has their own approach to photography but I try to keep the process simple and immediate. I use a couple of old manual lenses with my DSLR and it forces me to be more considerate when composing an image. You can’t simply zoom in and out with a fixed lens, you have to use your feet.”

christmas backdrop
Expedia: Better Perspectives – Tower Bridge, London by Lamarr Golding

Most of all, think creatively

“Staying inspired and sticking to a narrative is our biggest golden rule, it’s so important to keep the creative juices flowing”, Genea Bailey & Daisy Ware-Jarrett, two project contributors say. Such free-thinking is a running theme throughout the Better Perspectives project and is noticeable when talking to Lamarr Golding, another contributor.

“I’d say the best camera is the one you have on you. If you want to get into photography but don’t have money to buy an expensive camera straight away, you can always use your smartphone or any other camera. It comes as great practice and a chance to look up and experiment with different techniques and angles”, Lamar says.

There you have it – top tips from a selection of London’s most promising photographers. Keep them in mind when taking your holiday snaps and maybe you’ll find a better perspective of your own.

Expedia -- Better Perspectives -- London Eye -- Chloe Newman -- Photo 2 -- PR contact 07742842868
Expedia: Better Perspectives – London Eye by Chloe Newman