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Introducing Hedgehog, the stylish new digital guardian protecting your home

By LLM Reporters  |  July 28, 2020

Hedgehog, dubbed the world’s first ‘whole home’ cybersecurity device, is available in the UK for pre-order now.

Described as a ‘digital guardian’ for the home, Hedgehog protects where firewalls and anti-virus software can’t.

Protecting the entire home network and all IoT devices – from phones and fridges, PCs, speakers, webcams and nanny-cams, to tablets and Smart TVs – keeping the entire household safe and giving homeowners one less thing to worry about.

Taking its name from the native woodland creature, the Hedgehog device may appear small and cute but is, in fact, fierce and prickly in the face of cyber-attacks or data breaches. The first of its kind, Hedgehog works alongside a households’ existing firewalls, anti-virus software and other home security products, as it takes a holistic 360-degree view of the home – shielding all the people, devices and networks within.

Setting it apart from competitors, Hedgehog’s high-quality sculptural design has been created to feel like a piece of homeware rather than a functional technology device. Available in five sleek interior-friendly colours, the compact Hedgehog device is so smart it installs itself and simply connects to an existing Wi-Fi connection.

Hedgehog Orange Belly 2
Hedgehog uses Zobi Home Intelligence to detect and prevent cybercrime across your entire home network.

Suitable for any home with an Internet connection and multiple wi-fi enabled devices, Hedgehog keeps watch over the entire household using home intelligence technology to identify anything out of the ordinary, alert the home owner via an app and then neutralise threats quickly and effectively, protecting the data and information of those living inside.

Future product launches include ‘baby Hedgehogs’ which create a WiFi 6 mesh covering the whole home, whilst smart packet shaping technology prioritises connectivity to work devices to avoid bandwidth being used on streaming services, gaming consoles and other non-essential home devices.

Hedgehog was founded by cyber security expert Scott Lever, who has worked in technology and cybersecurity for over 20 years, perhaps most notably, alongside the UK government to help defend and recover from the well-publicised cyber-attack on Parliament in June 2017.

The product has been over a year in development and was born from the realisation that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting everyday people, with lockdown putting unprecedented pressure on businesses’ security systems with cybercriminals targeting home networks as a way to access sensitive corporate data.

Research has showed that approximately 30% of all smart home devices are hacked – and hackers can extract information such as passwords and credit card details. In fact, right now 1.8bn passwords are being sold on the dark web. Once into your system, hackers can also monitor daily habits and use this information to target homes and those living within them.

Hedgehog close up
Hedgehog was founded by cyber security expert Scott Lever, who has worked in technology and cybersecurity for over 20 years

Lever said: “Many people think anti-virus software or firewalls stop cybercrime, but they only protect PCs. We have so many connected devices in the home from nanny cams to smart fridges, digital doorbells and games consoles, that people don’t consider are all potential targets.

“After being a victim of identity theft myself, and with a background in IT, I wanted to create a truly unique and pioneering solution to bring cybersecurity to consumers without needing to understand the technology. Hedgehog is simple, smart and secure and offers complete protection to ensure our homes and the loved ones within them are kept away from harm.”

The Hedgehog device and its annual subscription is available to pre-order now via the Hedgehog website at an RRP of £199.

Monthly subscription costs for essentials begin at £3.99, family cover at £4.99 and £9.99 for the gaming edition.

Hedgehog is available in orange, woodland brown, dusk grey, forest green and midnight blue. For more information on the Hedgehog device, visit