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Love reading magazines? You’ll absolutely love Readly, the Netflix of magazines

By LLM Reporters  |  May 28, 2020
Readly, the Netflix of magazines

With more time being spent at home than ever before thanks to the current global lockdown measures, many of us may find ourselves at a loose end – or, conversely, so frazzled from trying to be as productive outside of the office that we’re sorely in need of some downtime.

Whatever your current predicament, it’s important to take some time out to sit back, relax and practice self-care during these unprecedented times. The stress and worry of such an unusual situation can begin to take its toll if we don’t give ourselves some breathing space, and whether it’s taking a long, hot soak in the bath, painting your finger nails or curling up with a good book, a little ‘you’ time can make all the difference to your state of wellbeing.

One of the best ways to pass the extra time and melt away unwanted stress all in one go? Sinking into the sofa with a cup of tea and your favourite magazine to forget the world for a while. Whether you’re a keen fashionista who just can’t live without their copy of Vogue, or simply love immersing yourself amongst the glossy pages of your favourite luxury homes and gardens magazines, these days, there’s a title for just about every taste.

At the present moment, getting your hands on your favourite titles can be tricky, and if you’re no longer heading out to work then the effort it might take to get hold of just one may well take longer than actually reading it – which is why magazine library app, Readly, is an essential addition to your smartphone or tablet as quarantine continues, and beyond.

Readly, the Netflix of magazines
If you love magazines, you’ll love Readly!

Putting over 5,000 of your favourite magazines all in one place for a monthly membership of £7.99, the ‘Netflix of magazines’ will provide you with more than enough reading material to while away the coming hours, days, and even weeks – we just hope you’re stocked up on the tea.

Created by a Swedish tech company that has been digitising magazines since its launch in 2013, Readly grants users unlimited access to a catalogue of up to 5,000 magazines in total, spanning categories including news and politics, homes and gardens, health and wellbeing, and food, to name but a few – all of which can be read whether you’re online or off. And, if you’ve missed out on some of your favourites over the past few weeks, you can take a look at a range of back issues, too.

So, which titles can you find on Readly? You name it, it’s got it. Featuring huge global titles such as Elle, Vogue and Women’s Health, men are also well catered for with the likes of Esquire and GQ. Add to that the likes of National Geographic, Time, Fast Company, Forbes, Cosmopolitan and more, and you’re still only scratching the surface of what this vast magazine app has to offer.

That’s your entertainment sorted for the foreseeable then – but what about the rest of the family? The good news is that you can keep the entire brood occupied, with subscriptions shareable with up to five family members. Let’s face it, however much extra time you’ve got on your hands, you’re unlikely to make your way through all 5,000 magazines available to you – and the huge variety included in your subscription means that there are plenty of choices to please the kids.

Readly, the Netflix of magazines
Get unlimited all-you-can-read magazines for a small fixed monthly fee

It couldn’t be easier to get started; you simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet, sign up for your subscription, and you’re good to go. With such a huge variety of titles to choose from, Readly is made extra user friendly by allowing you to bookmark your favourites for later, and will send you alerts when new issues are released.

Even better, you can save interesting articles, and even share them with friends – so if you happen across a mouth-watering recipe in your favourite cookery magazine, you can send it right over. Why not arrange a bake off over Zoom?

According to a study published on, as of the end of 2019, 51 percent of adults in Great Britain now consume magazines monthly through their phones, compared to roughly 40 percent individuals reading print magazines. And, with more people than ever considering their personal impact on the environment, the number of digital consumers is only expected to rise long after quarantine has ended.

Readly, the Netflix of magazines
Readly is the new way to read and enjoy magazines

During 2019 alone, 83 million magazines were read on the Readly platform, with core markets in Sweden, the United Kingdom and Germany – though the app is also active in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United States, Australia and Ireland.

Available in 50 markets in total, it comes as no surprise that it has been featured on the Financial Times list of fastest-growing companies, two years in a row.

Readly CEO, Maria Hedengren, says: “By using new technology and embracing new consumer habits and preferences, we believe that great value can be created for both consumers and publishers. Smartphone usage is increasing, digital content consumption is on the rise, and the ‘all-you-can-read’ subscription model is becoming the new standard.”

So, if you download one new app this week, then make it Readly. Guaranteed to keep you entertained, pass the time, and help to melt away those stresses and strains of the day, it’s a luxury you can’t afford to pass up.

Sign up today and get access to over 5,000 of your favourite magazines.