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Marantz release new Premium 10 Series hi-fi collection

When an established audio company such as Marantz has the confidence to label its new hi-fi system as “the new reference” for future fabrications, you simply cannot ignore the opportunity to dive deeper into the details.

The ladies and gents of Marantz have over 70 years of design and development experience, and there’s no doubt that the lessons of these years can be seen in the sleek and stylish design of the new Premium 10 Series.

Featuring an exquisite industrial design with crisp clean lines, the Series 10 collection is a modernistic masterpiece. The set is available in two desirable colours: sleek silver or a suave black. When in use, its carefully sculpted appearance is aided by two parallel blue lines that illuminate with a peaceful blue glow.


Marantz’s Premium 10 Series collection looks just as elegant in black.

According to Marantz, the Series 10 collection – comprising of the SA-10 CD player/DAC and the PM-10 amplifier – is “designed to deliver superb performance and set new standards” for music connoisseurs around the worldThe SA-10 acts as a replacement to the highly successful SA-7, which was released nearly 10 years ago. Despite the SA-7’s success, Marantz’s previous go-to disc player was just that – only a disc player. The SA-10 acts as a beautiful reminder as to the ever-changing demands of the technological world.

With the rise of high-resolution audio and computer-stored music, the SA-10 incorporates an impressive array of playback options; CDs, SACDs, USBs and even high-resolution music burned on to recordable media can all be enjoyed through the SA-10. And with its state of the art digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) it is able to extract every last nuance from digital music files.

But no hi-fi system is complete without an equally exquisite amplifier.

“Because music matters.”

The PM-10 is effectively a preamplifier and a pair of monobloc power amps in a single unit. It uses switching power amplification to deliver a colossal 200W into 8ohms, and 400W into 4ohms. This ensures that the amp can deliver the dynamics of even the most demanding music.

Marantz are proud to say that the PM-10’s layout is “fully balanced, from the input section all the way through to the final power amplifier section,” meaning this powerful piece of kit ensures no interruptions from digital/static interference. The company’s compassion to deliver uninterrupted acoustic pleasure can also be seen in the microprocessor that controls the volume adjustment and input selection. This microprocessor ensures no noise from the control section makes its way into the audio path.

Bringing together everything that Marantz engineers have learned, designed and developed in over 70 years, the new Premium 10 Series is a true testament to the company’s heritage. It is a combination of established audio practice and innovative thinking, meticulously built and designed to deliver superb performance to music lovers. Above all, Marantz promises that it “remains true to the maxim that has guided Marantz for many years”.

Ultimately, it can be summarised with one simple mission statement: “Because music matters.”

The SA-10 retails for £5,999, while the accompanying PM-10 is priced at £6,999. Both are available at