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Product review: Google Pixel 2 – The best & worst features

When Google launched their first generation Pixel phone, it’s fair to say that the response was good but not overwhelming. While the phone was impressive, it perhaps wasn’t quite the “iPhone killer” that Google had imagined the phone to be. In fact, the Pixel didn’t have much to set it aside from the other major smartphones; it didn’t do anything that the iPhones or Samsungs of the world hadn’t already mastered.

It’s clear with second generation of the device, the ingeniously-named Pixel 2, Google have made their decision about what their phone USP will be. They’re leaving the tech developments to Apple and the accessibility to Samsung, and focusing themselves on providing the best camera a smartphone can have– but does the rest of the phone stack up?

If you’re in the market for a new phone, then you’ll want to know whether or not the Pixel 2 is an option tempting enough to pull you from the lure of iPhones and future Galaxy options. So let’s go through its best and worst features, and see if there’s enough there to allow the Pixel 2 to be viable competition.

Best Features

Google Pixel 2
There’s no doubt that the Pixel 2’s camera is incredibly impressive

The Camera

There’s no doubt that the Pixel 2’s camera is incredibly impressive. The colour vibrancy and accuracy is excellent, and the phone can handle taking photos in low light better than any of its competitors. The 12.2MP main camera is able to handle anything you might want to throw at it, so if your main draw to a phone is the image quality it can provide, choosing the Pixel 2 is a no brainer.


The Pixel 2 is lightning quick, featuring Android 8.0 Oreo, and the phone is fast enough to cope with any demand you may have. If you want to play a YouTube video in the background, email a friend, and also play free roulette online? The Pixel can handle all that and more thanks to the Snapdragon 821 CPU and the basic model 64RAM (which you can upgrade if you so choose). If you need a powerful phone that whizzes through anything you ask of it, it’s hard to overlook the Pixel 2.

Worst Features

Google Pixel 2
If you want a phone with a large screen, then the Pixel 2 is doomed to disappoint you

The Screen

If you want a phone with a large screen, then the Pixel 2 is doomed to disappoint you. The bezels are large, so you won’t get the incredible look and depth of color offered by competitors. While the screen is definitely more than user-friendly and attractive, it pales in comparison to the other options on the market at the same price point.

The Look

Should a phone’s worth be judged on how it looks? Probably not, but it’s impossible to ignore the fact the Pixel 2 just isn’t a great looking phone. It’s rather basic in terms of design, with the overall look more akin to a mid-range phone, and looks rather dull when compared to the bordering-on-beautiful Galaxy and iPhone options. There’s no getting around the fact that looks do matter, and this is one area the Pixel 2 falls down on.

In Conclusion

If it’s functionality that you want, the Pixel 2 won’t let you down. The 2,700mAh battery is more than adequate for general use, and charges are lightning quick. Then there’s also that stunning camera, which is, simply, the best one on any smartphone at this point in time.

The downsides are considerable, especially if you are aesthetically-minded, but overall, the Pixel 2 is a great option for function and photography.