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Product Review: iFit Vue

Joining the iFit Classic is the iFit Vue, a simple yet proficient fitness tracker.

Another year has crept up on us and it’s time for us to burn off those festive indulgences and kick-start our fitness regimes once more. Promising to be the ‘smartest ever fitness tracker from iFit’ we decided to embark on this journey with the iFit Vue to see how it could enhance our plans.

Designed to provide a new perspective on your individual fitness, the Vue celebrates your achievements and aims to motivate you to strive to your next goal, making the smallest of actions as a contributing factor to your milestone aims.

Available in two colour options (black/blue and Sangria), it is a little limited in design and also in size with just small/medium and large/x-large available but what it lacks in options it makes up for in comfort. The adjustable and lightweight wristband enables a secure fit making it easy to forget that you’re wearing it.

Technology and Use 

The set-up isn’t a case of a simple connect and you’re away, it does take a short while to connect the Vue and sync with the app, but once you’re up and running managing and maintaining goals is simple, much like the device itself. Its’ simplistic to use, one-tap touchscreen helps to keep the process proficient and quick to navigate which is also reflected in the iFit app processes.

Making fitness simplistic is the iFit Vue.
The iFit Vue is a simplistic yet efficient device that will help to transform your fitness regime for 2017.

A key bug bearer is the reliance on re-charging the battery of fitness trackers, however iFit promise 5 to 7 days before needing a charge and during our test proved to be around 6 days before depleting the battery. Reducing the risk of the device running out, it does vibrate when the battery is at 20 per cent and 10 per cent however it sometimes is easy to miss this notification.

Although the Vue can be worn without a conscious awareness of the device itself, the inbuilt real-time reminders are a subtle yet key part of the technology it has to offer. Reminding you to move when you’ve been inactive for a period of time, it is an ongoing effort to encourage movement when it may not be at the forefront of your thoughts.

It’s autonomous technology doesn’t halt there either, it’s auto activity detection SmartMove technology is impressive. The Vue automatically detects the type of movement you’re completing without you needing to inform it, from running to walking and sleeping it doesn’t need inputting making it simplistic and efficient to use. The data naturally syncs with the iFit app to track progress against your goals and provides realtime assessments of your activity. The ability to also input calorie intake into the app allows for further evaluation of your progress.

Our conclusion

Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th Generation and above and other Android devices, the iFit is a simple introduction to fitness tracking and will definitely enhance your ambition, motivation and determination to reach your fitness goals in 2017. It is available to purchase from Nordic Track at £99.