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Product Review : iON SnapCam

Enjoy the moment and ensure you don't miss a thing with the iON Snapcam.

Looking for something a little outside of the norm? We heard about the iON SnapCam and had to see what the fuss was about. Promising not to be your ‘typical camera’ with the ability to wear the device, it certainly tantalised our gadget loving minds.

Available in a black, white and grey, there is a SnapCam styled to suit different preferences, (for our review we used the graphite grey camera). The silicone bumper also adds a touch of style but also helps to protect the camera – personally I found it difficult to use the power button through the silicone but its protective purpose outweighs this issue. The lightweight properties and compact size (1.5″ square) meant that throughout our trial within moments of securing the camera (thanks to the handy magnet and clip on the rear!) you lose awareness of the gadget and can let the fun commence to capture.

Getting started is simple, the iON SnapCam needs to be charged using the USB cable (takes approximately 1.5hrs from empty to full when charged turned off) and then connected to your smart phone using a Bluetooth connection through the iON SnapCam app. It takes just a few moments to sync the device to the camera and then you’re away.

Acquiring the right angle when attaching the camera can be difficult at first but after a few trial snaps you can quickly find the view and angle you want to use. The iON SnapCam is operated through the front facing touch panel with the option of 5 different recording styles :

  • Single photo
  • Time Lapse single photo
  • Video Recording
  • Short Video Recording
  • Live Streaming

The ability to record in 5 different ways is a definite advantage of the iON SnapCam and with the images stored directly to the memory card and available to view in the app, it ensures that your images are kept safe.

To change between functions you do need to open the app, which when on the go and wanting to change quickly can be a bit of a bother so this isn’t the best for someone who is unlikely to have their phone close by – unless you just want to take still images. However when you do change to video recording the HD recording capability (records at 720p at 30fps) and an inbuilt microphone combine to capture the moment you need in a quality you can enjoy watching back.

If you’re looking for a smart lightweight camera that helps to share your experience with a unique view of events then the iON SnapCam is for you – compact, lightweight and simple to navigate it’s one to consider adding to your collection. Available from Selfridges at £129.99.