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Product Review : Libratone ZIPP Copenhagen Edition

Interior design meets technology with the ZIPP Copenhagen.

Launched in January 2016, the ZIPP Copenhagen Edition portable wireless speaker was unveiled by Libratone featuring unique styling and a little more technology options than your average speaker. Eager to see what the fuss is all about we took a closer look at it to see just how good it looks and more importantly how it works.

First impression, the aesthetics are exactly what it promises, “For lovers of interior design” the warm and soft Italian wool fabric cover contrasts with the cool aluminium lid and base with the subtle touch of rich leather in it’s handle, culminating in a visually stunning yet subtle device.  The concept of making a “cold device warm” certainly works, waving good bye to the cold and hard appearance that other sound systems provide. Available in 4 different colours, there’s a design to suit each room, which plays importantly with another feature, but we’ll come onto that later.

As always, an important test is the time to set up but wow, from the unpacking to function, it took only a matter of moments. Unlike some of it’s competitors, the ZIPP syncs effortlessly with both iPhone and Android devices and was stress free – yes really! The interactive touch interface featuring the Libratone bird logo located on the ‘lid’ adds a new dimension to the controls with the ability to control the output and input from within the app or from the device itself meaning you can take full effect of the wireless abilities.


The intuitive touch interface blends in unlike it's competitors bulky buttons with little distract from the overall aesthetic of the ZIPP.
The intuitive touch interface blends in unlike it’s competitors bulky buttons with little distract from the overall aesthetic of the ZIPP.

Audio input is available from iPhone (airplay or Bluetooth)/Android music, Spotify and Radio with 5 ‘favourite’ stations available to pre-select on the app enabling you to swap from station-to-station effortlessly if that particular track isn’t quite securing the right mood. The vast choice in radio stations available – filtered by location, genre, new stations, most popular and language, is very impressive and allows for a variety in what you choose to tune in to. The transition between audio input choice is smooth and without flaw. When using the device if you wish to skip part of the song there is a slight delay in then playing the song through the device – a matter of 2-3 seconds- but all other functions are seamless.

As for the sound quality, the 360‎° FullRoom™ sound fills the room and with the option to change the settings in your app from floor-shelf- outdoor-neutral-table you can conveniently adapt to each height level. Additionally, when owning multiple Libratone ZIPP models you can use their multi-room experience “SoundSpace Link” (for up to 6 devices) to connect up and create a sound bubble around the house whatever your mood.

The ZIPP Copenhagen Edition fits both the design specification for a luxurious and modern home with the functions to support it’s style. The seamless transition through audio inputs, device levels and audio volumes make this a must buy for your home.

The Libratone ZIPP Copenhagen Edition can be bought from Libratone at £289, whilst the ZIPP MINI is available at £249.