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Product Review : Nixplay Seed 7″ Digital Photo Frame

To “The Selfie-Taking generation”, Nixplay are here to answer your photo displaying fears! With the ability to store up to 1,000 photos per playlist, the Nixplay Seed digital photo frames bring your selfies, and other photos of course, to your home with the ease of just a few clicks here and there. The hardest part is choosing which photos you want to use! Here at Luxury Lifestyle HQ, we put the selfie loving gadget to the test to see just how it fared.

Available in three sizes – 7, 8, or 10 inches— customers can choose between our traditional Black or three new colors— Blue, Mulberry and Mango. For our review we opted for the Mango and Mulberry 7″ frames with the mulberry frame a particular hit with the team.

The initial set up of each individual Nixplay Seed frame took less than 10 minutes, ensuring you aren’t aimlessly wasting precious time in waiting for connections to be made – as long as you follow their recommendation of having a computer / tablet close by to register your frame with your Nixplay account. If you’re new to Nixplay, as we were during this review, an account set up was quick and easy to do online and before we knew it we had downloaded our photos from various social media that the frame syncs with and had created playlists to show our friends and families.

Although it takes time to sit and filter through our photos, we enjoyed having the ability to handpick which photos would be displayed on the high resolution IPS display. The option of having different playlists was a function that we particularly enjoyed meaning you can tailor the images shown in each room and also to tailor towards your visitors. With a newly updated mobile app (for iOS and Android) available you can use to to upload photos instantly to your frames directly from your smartphone making it simple to keep your frame updated. Further to this, friends and family can also log in and send new images to your frames, adding an extra touch of personalisation.

The Nixplay Seed frames optimise personalisation and technology in the home.
With bold, bright frame colours to choose from we opted to take a look at the mango and mulberry frames which both made a feature piece in the room during our review, furthering the ability to personalise the experience.

The frame itself is a smart device, allowing for portrait – landscape orientation to be changed automatically, the options of different transitions and the display time of each image, you can personalise each frame you own to suit your preferences.

The technology behind it as with most digital photo frames can be the deciding factor between a good or great product, luckily for Nixplay Seed it falls into the latter. With settings including the intuitive motion sensor and clear screen resolution, it trumps most digital photo frames we’ve had experience with. Controlled by a small remote control, you needn’t go to the frame to make setting changes however if you misplace the remote it may be difficult to turn off the device and/or change the settings without just unplugging the frame.

With all gadgets, there’s something that we would maybe look to change, in this case it’s the requirement to have the frame plugged in to mains power.  Although the lead bends and flexes to support the frame standing it can be a bit inconvenient to have to find another plug for your device to slot into and also can look a bit messy. However that aside I have to say, I was impressed with the connectivity, screen resolution and sync ability of duplicate frames and the all round easy functions.

All in all, the Nixplay Seed is a definite recommendation from us for those of you who love to take and share your images from your adventures in your home with the ability to add and remove images at the click of a button. Say goodbye to print and the dreaded not-straight photo orientation of traditional photo frames and embrace the digital era with the Nixplay Seed.

The Nixplay Seed is available from £89.99 (7″) via Nixplay.