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Product Review : RHA T20i in-ear headphones

RHA T20i provide their take on in-ear headphones.

British audio company RHA aim to stand for true-to-life audio reproduction and lasting quality so we’ve put their T20i headphones to the test to see if they not only stand true to their brand message but also to see if they provide a comfortable in-ear audio solution.

If you’re looking for a simplistic, unpack to use straight away pair of headphones then the T20i are not for you. With four different tips to choose from (dual density silicone, double flange silicone and Comply™ Foam ear tips) to suit your ear, the initial first step is to find the best fit for you.

The T20i features patent pending mouldable ear hooks that are designed to prevent microphonic feedback when using the 3-button remote and microphone (for use with compatible Apple devices) whilst also ensuring a comfortable fit. During use, the hooks provided a close comfortable  fit and only occasionally came loose during large movements.

The RHA T20i's take on the in-ear technology market.
Aesthetically modern and subtle, the T20i demonstrate a fresh approach to modern technology and their abilities.

With noise isolating design, there was no surprise when we became immersed in the audio notes that flowed through the Metal injection moulded, stainless steel constructed ear buds. Functioning across various music types the T20i’s live up to expectation of the technology that they house.

The T20i Black’s DualCoil™ dynamic driver features an additional voice coil situated within an annular magnet; each coil operates independently to produce part of the frequency range. This unique configuration ensures ultra-efficient performance and true-to-life sound reproduction across all genres of music. The tuning filter system allows users to customise the headphone’s sound signature by increasing emphasis on bass or treble frequencies.  Admittedly it is a fiddly process and can be a little frustrating to begin with but once you find your find your style it’s a process you won’t have to re-do.  Accessories for the T20i include a stainless steel ear tip holder, a premium carry case and a clothing clip.

All-in-all, the T20i are an investment piece for high quality in-ear headphones that will provide an unobtrusive listening experience with a comfortable fit. They are most suited to those who are experience in tonal filters and for those who wish to fine tune their audio enjoyment.  The T20i are available from RHA for £189.95.