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Product Review : ROC Sport Freedom by Monster and Cristiano Ronaldo

Live life louder - Cristiano Ronaldo steps into the world of technology.

Monster have recently unveiled their ROC by Monster collection, the first ever collection of lifestyle electronics from global footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Featuring three headphone designs; the ROC Sport Freedom, ROC Sport SuperSlim and ROC Sport Black Platinum, this collaboration has certainly got people talking. But away from the glitz and glamour of the “Ronaldo” name how do they compare to other market leaders?

Tested at Luxury Lifestyle Magazine from this exclusive collection were the ROC Sport Freedom headphones as we look to see if they see if they live up to the hype as “the most advanced, durable, on-ear wireless headphone ever made”.

Greeted in a sleek presentation sleeve emblazoned with gold and black branding bordering a silhouette of Cristiano Ronaldo with linear formation visually the branding is streamlined and resonates with an underlying tone of class. Underneath the layering, the headphones themselves are what you’d expect judging from the aesthetics of the packaging. Black gloss (always a tick in the box with the team at Luxury Lifestyle HQ!) entwined with gold detailing across the band and around the cups ensure that these carry the sophisticated yet exclusive feel. Additionally it’s the small details that make the difference, from the L-R branding to the discrete covers protecting the USB and audio input connectors, it demonstrates the intricate design process throughout their conception.

Black and gold set the tone for the ROC headphones.
ROC branding is fluent throughout from the distinctive gold banding to the intricate detailing on the inner of the band.

Taking just moments to configure the connection from smartphone to headphone, the set up couldn’t be simpler in addition to the relatively short 1.5hr charging time (from depleted battery to full) available from the USB cable, lasting up to 10 hours before needing a recharge. In addition these headphones come with a cable allowing optional passive mode to keep you in the loop on the go with phone-calls enabled using the ControlTalk Universal™ handsfree connector – which I must admit never failed during our tests.

With a secure fitting yet padded headband they sit comfortably (with adjustments to the headband simple and smooth to transition between) as you sink into the immersive audio that the ROC Sport Freedom provide, a sound quality not compromised by the Bluetooth technology. Adjusting from low to high volume, different types of audio and adapting to your surroundings the Freedom’s certainly enable you to play hard, train harder, and live life louder.

As you fold the headphones down initially the closure can be a little stiff which made me slightly apprehensive but after a few uses this fear subsided. The downside to the ROC Sport Freedoms are the carry case which reduce the overall quality of the aesthetics and safety of the headphones in transit. Providing little protection for the headphones and with a carry case of a lower quality material that you would expect for a £200 pair of headphones, it is slightly disappointing.

All-in-all the ROC Sport Freedom’s do what they promise; on-ear wireless headphones that are durable and take advantage of the latest technology.  The ROC Sport Freedom’s are exclusively available in-store at Harrods or online at Monster with an RRP of £199.95.