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Product Review : Phantom by Devialet

Combining French technology and design, Devialet create an audio experience to remember.

Aiming to transform the way in which we listen to music, PHANTOM by Devialet, is an implosive sound centre that promises to deliver audio with power and emotion anywhere inside your home. Invented and made in France, Phantom hosts 88 Patents,12 kgs of high technology and 60 kgs of thrust force behind the lateral woofers combining to create a new audio experience, so we’ve put it to the test.

Our immediate first impression was the finesse and chic design of the speaker incorporating white gloss and silver to create a modern and futuristic unit that will effortlessly streamline into a modern home. Our only design note would be that the power cable is bright yellow, which is easy to spot within all of the additional leads you have in your home but on the flip side can be too noticeable in its environment.

With a set up time of less than 5 minutes, utilising the bluetooth and dual wifi options with simplistic sync options, the Phantom despite it’s complex and highly developed audio centre contrasts with the simplicity of use.

Luxury combines design and technology and results in the Silver Phantom from Devialet.
Incorporating modern and sleek design with innovative and unrivalled new technology, the Silver Phantom will transform your audio experience.

The heart of the Phantom beats with the award-winning ADH Intelligence®, which has contributed to the Devialet becoming the most-awarded company in the history of Audio, and SAM Processing® technology which is used to control the drive units to perfection, reproducing the exact acoustic pressure recorded by the microphone. Together, the ADH Intelligence® and SAM Processing® create the only engine in the world capable of driving what makes PHANTOM implosive: the Heart Bass Implosion®. Further information on how the ADH Intelligence® and SAM Processing® systems work can be found on Devialet’s website.

Importantly, the extensive 10 year research dedicated to providing a new immersive acoustic experience has resulted in what we can describe as a ‘wow’ moment. From the second the Phantom begins to beat the atmosphere immediately changes whether it’s for a party or to relax, the intuitive technology makes an instant impact that makes this speaker one of our favourites to date. Additionally, across all volumes from subtlety to party the speaker will transform the room.

With the ability to sync with other Phantom units, the option to expand the range over several spaces opens up the possibilities and the potential to transform areas of all dimensions within just one type of audio system.

All in all, the Phantom Devialet is impressively powerful, emotive and with a chic design certainly stands out from it’s competitors. With a substantially heavier weight than other audio systems, it’s a factor to take into consideration, but for the quality and audio experience it will provide it outweighs the heavy weight.

The Silver Phantom by Devialet can be bought from Devialet stores with the store list available here. Accessories can also be bought in addition, including a ‘tree’ stand, remote and cocoon carry case.