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Product Review : Zemi Aria

One for the modernistas, the Zemi Aria.

Weaving your way through the multiple manufacturers and options to provide your home with the  ultimate audio can sometimes feel like a never ending research task. Well here at Luxury Lifestyle HQ we aim to reduce the need for the research and instead only feature the systems you need to know about and the Zemi Aria is our latest hot find.

From the creative mind of Italy’s Francesco Pellisari and born from the exploration of Roy Allison’s acoustic concepts, Pellisari applied his own acoustic innovations to unique loudspeaker designs to create something truly unique. Now, in collaboration with artist, industrial designer and architect, Ron Arad, Francesco Pellisari has released the Zemi Aria, combining classic Italian design with technology to create an immersive acoustic sound.

Upon unpacking the Zemi Aria, the attention to styling is evident with the elegant black gloss sphere and symmetrical, Ron Arad design, metal grill instantly pleasing for the eye. The connection ports are located discretely at the rear of the sphere and are simplistic to use. With a mains power connection port, on/off button, headphone jack and a mini USB port (lead provided to connect USB device), the Aria is simple to use with the only difficulty being using the power button. It is small and when in use if you do not have direct access to the rear of the speaker can be difficult to find and activate.

Futuristic yet elegant, the Zemi Aria.
Visually stunning with the technical quality to support it’s luxurious price tag, the Zemi Aria will fit in effortless in the modern home.

However, looking past this the Bluetooth, headphone jack, WiFi or USB options for connectivity take seconds to establish and do not falter over a generous spacial difference, great for mobile phone use and connectivity as you move around. Most impressively is the sound, with indicator lights visible on the front facing metal grill to show volume level, the system provides an immersive and crystal clear sound throughout use.  From varying bass to acoustic audio, this speaker continues to provide high quality audio output without losing the authenticity of the track and it’s sound.

Weighing in at 8kg, the Zemi Aria is not the lightest of systems so would be most suited to one position for use with the view of moving it only when required. The classic aesthetic compliments the high quality of audio output, culminating in an audio system can adapt to your lifestyle and the designated use you choose.

Available from Apple with a RRP of £499.95.