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Ruark Audio releases new MR1 MK2 speaker system

Back in 2013 Ruark Audio released its MR1 Bluetooth stereo speaker system, and for many years the set was regarded as one of the finest examples in its class. Fast forward four years and the company’s technically gifted minds have announced the release of the new MR1 Mk2 speakers.

The MR1 MK2 speaker system has retained all the attributes of its ancestor, but thanks to constructive customer feedback – and an ongoing desire to improve – Ruark Audio has made its latest system even more fulfilling.

The Mk2 speaker set has retained the same compact dimensions that made its predecessor so successful, but its looks have been significantly enhanced to entice those that are driven by beautiful design. For example, while the speakers are still available in their iconic Rich Walnut, a new Soft Grey colour has also been introduced and promises to appeal to a modern audience that appreciates minimalism and simplicity.

The MR1 Mk2 speakers are designed to fill lives & homes with quality sound.

In the pursuit of beauty, an integrated grille that is clad in an attractive British-sourced fabric has replaced the removable Hi-Fi grille of the original MR1. A spokesperson for the company added that this fabric “met [the brand’s] requirement for a contemporary look that doesn’t affect acoustic performance.”

In terms of use and connectivity, the MR1 Mk2 offers greater flexibility thanks to its apt-X Bluetooth, which allows audio to be streamed and played wirelessly with CD-like sound quality. An optical input also helps add-on devices, such as Google’s Chromecast Audio, to be easily connected, while an AUX input makes attaching devices with a headphone or analogue output very straightforward.

The MR1 Mk2 speaker system has been designed to look and sound great in multiple applications and locations. Twinned with a modern turntable they look fantastic.

For customers seeking portability, the MR1 Mk2 set has been designed to work seamlessly with Ruark Audio’s BackPack II power pack so that it can be freed from the constraints of a main power socket and taken into the great outdoors. The ability to function as a mono unit makes the MR1 MK2 extra portable and the perfect companion for holidays or trips down to the beach.

Finally, the MR1 Mk2 builds further on the already high standards of sound that were set by the original. The drive units (with powerful neodymium motor systems) remain the same, but enhancements have been made through refinement to the loudspeaker crossover and topology of Ruark Audio’s linear Class A-B amplifiers. The end result is a speaker system that further belies its modest size, with dynamics and precision which one would usually associate with larger and more expensive systems.

The MR1 MK2 speaker system is available now with an RRP of £329.99. For more information, and to grab your set today, visit