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Review: GEAR4 Buckingham Ultra-Protective Flip Case

GEAR4 Buckingham Ultra-Protective Flip Case

It’s a horrible, gut-wrenching feeling when you drop a tablet. Time slows down and morphs into a prolonged agony as your clumsy fingers desperately poke at the beloved piece of tech that your hard-earned money has provided. You know you can’t save it from hitting the ground, but you try your damnedest in the hope that your hands possess a super power you were not yet aware of. Inevitably, the tablet crashes to the floor and you’re left clutching the shattered fragments of your once glossy, HD screen.

But, thankfully, there are some companies out there that have made it their sworn duty to protect and serve cloddish tablet users like you and I. Here at Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, we are lucky enough to sample some of the finest protective cases money can buy, and I’m pleased to bring to you the latest offering from GEAR4 – the UK’s number one trusted impact protection brand.

The Buckingham tablet case (available for Apple iPad Mini 4, Pro 9.7” and Air 2 models) offers a stylish, matt black look that boasts plenty of inside storage space alongside the comforting protection of D30 technology.

From the outside, the matt black finish provides a professional, yet practical, appearance that looks just as comfortable sitting on a desk at the office as it does caped in mud, being dragged around by the U.S military – yep, that’s just how reliable the case’s protective element is. Add a sophisticated blue embellishment (also available in orange and grey) to the front, a snap shut magnetic clasp, and a stand facility for watching videos and the Buckingham becomes the perfect all-rounder. I was seriously impressed by how sleek this case was as it’s often challenging to find something that is as practical as it is good looking.

The GEAR4 Buckingham case features a whole host of features, including these delightful pockets.

Inside, the Buckingham’s class is aided by the inclusion of an automatic sleep/wake feature that makes accessing your iPad even easier while on the move. The blue decoration from the front is also used to highlight the different storage pockets this case offers. There are two larger pockets at the top that are perfect for holding important papers, and two smaller pockets at the bottom that safely store cards. It was particularly nice to get my hands on a case that had card pockets of a suitable size – I often find the pockets too tight, meaning they become completely redundant. Adding papers and cards to the slots did not cause the case to balloon and lose its elegance either.

Lastly, it’s time to talk about the Buckingham’s iconic durability. D30 technology reinforces the case to a standard that makes it trustworthy enough to be used by the likes of the U.S military, NFL football and even protective wear modelled by professional athletes such as Olympic talisman Usain Bolt.

The intelligence of the D30 tech can be seen in its ability to adapt depending on the pressure that is placed upon it. In standard conditions the molecules of this textile flow freely, allowing the material to remain soft and flexible. Yet when an impact is applied to it, the molecules lock together to absorb and dissipate the impact energy, meaning your beloved iPad stays safe, and your clumsy ways go unpunished.


The Buckingham tablet case is the perfect combination of design, functionality, and security. It’s sleek matt black finish will provide an elegance to your tech stash and leave you feeling safe in the knowledge that if there is ever a nuclear fallout, at least your tablet will survive!

GEAR4’s Buckingham tablet case for Apple iPad Pro 9.7” and Air 2 is priced at £59.99 and can be purchased at