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7 sites to visit on your new phablet

The phablets have proved to be more than just a fad and are becoming more and more popular. Since Samsung launched the first one with its Galaxy Note, most in the industry were predicting their demise, but instead they’ve bloomed to become major cash cows in the smartphone market.

Around one in five handsets shipped during 2015 was a phablet and that number is likely to climb to about one in three handsets by 2020. Now major manufacturers such as Apple, LG, Huawei and others have a phablet product out there competing to corner this unexpected addition to the market. Here we’ll explore what phablets are and which sites work best with that type of format.

What is a phablet?

The phablet is essentially a larger phone or a smaller tablet. For those who want to be precise and know the exact dimensions that define a phablet, we can say they have a screen size between 5 and 6.9 inches, compared with a phone at 3.5 to 4.9 inches and a tablet at 7 to 8.5 inches.

What’s out there for phablet users? number of sites have cottoned on to the increasing use of phablets and are crafting their sites to be specifically attractive to phablet users

32Red Bingo

Amongst the many iGaming options, 32Red is one site on which award-winning Microgaming software produces an enhanced gaming experience for phablet owners. You’ll encounter an animated fairground and Ferris wheel when you first enter the lobby and the brightly coloured 90 Ball Bingo game screams out to be experienced on the bigger, crisper screen of your phablet. The larger screen also makes it easier for players to navigate their way to other games, such as the Mega Moolah slot machine or the Gold Series Multi Wheel Roulette, while they wait for the next round of bingo to begin. 32Red Bingo is certainly one of the very best iGaming sites to visit, but if you are looking for some other great alternatives then head over to, which sheds the spotlight on the latest online casino games, sports betting, live dealers and slots, and is also home to the much sort after Foxy Bingo welcome bonus code.

The phablets have proved to be more than just a fad and are becoming more and more popular. Image copyright: Leszek Kobusinski/

Asphalt 8: Airborne

There have been few racing games with the longevity of Asphalt 8: Airborne and on the phablet everything just appears to be much better. The game has great content, including a single player campaign, multi-player races, time trials, unlockable content, and consistent updates that add new tracks. The graphics looked good when played on your regular smartphone, but are now enhanced considerably when viewed on the phablet. Available for free on Google Play, with in-app purchases, this game looks set to remain very popular for racers everywhere.

USA Today

As the phablet is particularly well suited to leisurely surfing the web and e-reading, it’s the prefect device for getting your news content. USA Today brings users the latest regional and international news, sports news, weather, financial updates and much more in a display optimised for a larger screen size. All the content is free and includes images and videos which are simple to play or inspect with just a tap of your finger. You can also download stories for offline reading, perfect for those that don’t have an internet connection during their commute to work.

DIY Photography

This photography site is now around 10 years old and works seamlessly with the phablet’s larger screen. DIY Photography is a great place to pick up expert instruction and read about the latest equipment and view amazing images. With over a thousand useful how-to articles and tutorials, it’s a must for experts and amateurs alike. Although primarily aimed at those owning a DSLR camera, there’s no reason you can’t apply a number of their tips to your own picture-taking on the phablet.

Funny or Die

This comedic video website combines user-generated content with its own original content to create a place for the already famous and the up-and-coming to showcase their hilarious work. Visitors to the site are encouraged to vote for what tickles their funny bone and what they just don’t get. Videos that don’t accumulate enough votes perish and are removed from the site. With its improved hardware and screen, the phablet offers enhanced viewing pleasure for sites just like this one, where you’re constantly tapping from one video to the next and want instant playback.

The phablet is essentially a larger phone or a smaller tablet. Image copyright: Nemanja Zotovic/

The Walking Dead

Players couldn’t really immerse themselves in this one on the small screen, but with a larger, sharper screen, this zombie apocalypse graphic novel comes alive. Players select options and make choices to try and stay alive in a world littered with dark dangers, obscure characters and undead monsters that really needs to be experienced on a phablet in a dark room.

Avatar Online Slot Machine

Whatever your opinion of the plot from James Cameron’s movie, no one can deny that it looked fantastic and was one of the few movies that actually benefited from 3D viewing. The slot machine also deserves to be viewed on a platform superior to the small screen of the smartphone. Available to play at Vegas Slots Online, this advanced online slot machine enables players to recreate a unique experience of the movie as they are immersed in the world of Pandora with unique bonus games. Even if the movie wasn’t your thing, this is an extremely well-executed slot, which can be played and adored by all phablet owners.

Obviously, all these sites can be viewed on your smartphone or tablet, but the experience is just better with the phablet. As the popularity of these devices continues to increase, watch out for the future phablet-optimised sites for enhanced playing, reading, editing and watching.

Main image at the very top of the article copyright: Denys Prykhodov/