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The best apps to beat cabin fever this winter

By LLM Reporters  |  December 14, 2019

The winter can be a long, tedious season, especially if you’re more used to getting outdoors and being active. Cold, wet, snowy weather can be the death knell for staying busy, but if you’re trapped in the house for days on end, there’s no need to be bored. There are plenty of great apps to choose from that you can download and install to your phone or tablet that will keep you entertained for hours!

Play a strategy game

There’s nothing quite as good as a strategy game app to keep your brain working. There’s no need to vegetate during the winter months – download a game like Flow Free or 2048 and you can be solving puzzles and problems in no time. Flow Free seems like a simple game that requires you to connect the matching colours with pipes so a flow can be created.

It may sound easy, but the pipes break when they overlap each other or if they become crossed, and this will stop the flow, preventing you from covering the board and crossing the level. It’s frustrating and thrilling in equal measure. Meanwhile 2048 is just the ticket to give your mind a workout. You’ll need to employ all your elementary maths skills as you swipe the tiles in an effort to reach a total of 2048 before being kicked out of the game.

Girl Playing Game On Smartphone
Whether it’s a game, quiz or makeover app, there are plenty to cosy up with. Image credit: romankosolapov/

Have a flutter

If you like nothing more than a wager on one of your favourite casino games, there’s an app for that. BetMGM Online Poker is a free app that lets you indulge in one of your top pastimes. Whether you’re a complete beginner at the poker table or whether you consider yourself to be a true card shark, you can enjoy having a flutter from the comfort of your own home.

Chat with others

Talking is a great way to pass the time, and there are apps out there that allow you to easily get chatting. If all of your friends and family members are too busy to talk to you through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, there are apps which let you randomly talk to complete strangers around the world. OpenTalk is one option which lets you connect with others from across the globe while Anonychat lets you keep your identity a secret as you talk with other strangers. Also, don’t forget about finding love in winter time as there are some top dating apps out there to guide you in seeking out the perfect partner to brighten up any dull day.

Release your frustrations

Is there anything more stress-relieving than popping some bubble wrap? Now, if you don’t have any in the house you can do it virtually with the Bubble Wrap app. You can even choose from various ways of popping them to help yourself wind down and reduce your frustrations.

Find cool stuff

If you’d love to find lots of new and fun content to enjoy while you’re stuck indoors this winter, StumbleUpon is the app for you. It’ll present you with a range of fun videos, photos, articles, art, news, memes, tips and quotes from the best of the web in just a single click.

There are 2.8 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store. Image credit: MoiraM/

Take a quiz

Who doesn’t love showing off their superior knowledge at a quiz? Now, you can download the QuizUp app and engage with the trivia community around the world, answering questions on a host of random subjects.

Try virtual drawing

If you fancy yourself as an artist, you’ll love Sand Draw Sketch, an app which allows you to draw in the virtual sand. You’ll have your own sandy canvas to play with, so be as creative as you like.

Learn a new language

Being trapped indoors during the winter can be put to good use if you use the time wisely to develop a new skill. Duo Lingo is a free to download app which helps you to learn a brand-new language in your spare time. Choose from over twenty different options and take lessons which help you to improve and develop your language learning abilities.

Give yourself a makeover

Have you ever wondered whether you should cut your hair or dye it pink? Do you think you’d suit blue eyeshadow or a bright red lipstick? Now, you can try it out without having to buy any expensive products with the Perfect 365:One-Tap Makeover app. You just upload a photograph of yourself and you can start experimenting to your heart’s content.

Happy Young Woman Lying On Sofa At Home Using Smartphone
There are endless apps to keep yourself entertained this winter

Make some memes

If you’re more used to looking and laughing at memes online, it’s time to start making your own. Meme Generator Free is a fun app that lets you explore your own sense of humour by making funny memes with photos and different fonts. You can then go ahead and share them with all your friends to great acclaim.

Plan a menu

If you’re a keen foodie, there’s an app out there that’s more fun than Tinder – it’s called Tender! This app allows food-lovers from around the globe to connect with each other and post pictures of their favourite and most successful meals. If you like what you see, just swipe and save to learn the recipe. You’ll be planning exciting menus in no time.

Staying busy with your phone in winter

What did we do before we had smartphones and tablets? Thanks to the wonders of technology and the innovation of app creators and developers, we can now stay busy all through the cold months of winter without ever having to leave the house. Whether you love food, drawing, chatting, betting or playing games, there’s an app here for you.

Image credit at the very top of the article: nopparat.k/