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The essential gaming gadgets of 2017

Once upon a time video games were a hobby for pale students, locked in their bedrooms with junk food and drawn curtains – escaping outside only to buy the latest triple-A title. But today, gaming has become a powerhouse for the tech industry. So much so that by the end of 2017 it’s expected to generate revenues of over $23.5 billion worldwide.

Each year this exciting industry exceeds forecasters expectations: the accessory market grows larger, gaming consoles grow stronger, and the online gaming community swells as thousands of new titles become available. As a result, luxury gaming gadgets continue to grow in popularity as those with an interest look to get even more enjoyment out of their favourite consoles and online games.

Below, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine has collated its essential gaming gadgets of 2017: some will bring your family together in the comfort of the living room; others will wow your guests; and some will even encourage you to pick up and play your favourite online games

HTC Vive
HTC Vive

The Polycade Arcade Interface

If you’re looking for a retro experience with modern mechanics, the Polycade Arcade Interface is the perfect home-gaming system. The wall-mounted machine features a sleek, minimalistic design that promises to impress guests when they visit your gaming room. The cabinet incorporates two joysticks, retro buttons, and a trackball to present multiple players with a variety of controls for a whole host of games. And thanks to its use of the Steam app, all of your vintage favourites are just a download away, as is a long list of modern masterpieces.

HTC Vive

Whether you think it’s a gaming gimmick or a revolution, virtual reality headsets have certainly changed the way we experience entertainment. Never before have players been able to immerse themselves so fully in the bright, colourful worlds of their favourite titles. Leading the way is the HTC Vive – a virtual reality headset that offers (arguably) the most complete VR experience on the market. The headset contains two 1080p screens that give games a crisp image that will leave your jaw swinging in admiration. Along with the headset, users are treated to two motion controllers that help to add a further element of immersion.

Samsung 75” Q8C Curved QLED Ultra HD Premium HDR 1500 Smart TV:

If you’re a serious gamer, you need a serious television: nothing quite says serious like a mammoth 75” 4K Ultra HD curved screen. Thanks to Samsung’s incredible HDR 1500 technology, this enormous television also allows gamers to see more detail than ever before – making games look beautiful and heightening the senses when playing online. According to Samsung the HDR 1500 technology “reveals even more detail with stunning levels of brightness and richly detailed dark areas.” This curved LED TV also helps to suck players further into the experience and is sure to impress any guests.

Razer Blade Pro V2 Gaming laptop
Razer Blade Pro V2 Gaming laptop

Razer Blade Pro V2 Gaming laptop

Take your gaming out of the house with one of the most powerful gaming laptops available on the market. Featuring an impressive seventh generation Intel Core i7 Quad-Core processor, this laptop will allow you to play all of your favourite games without the interruption of irritating lag. A 17.3-inch, 4K, touchscreen display also means a picture that is truly stunning. Did we mention it’s virtual reality ready too?

Atari PONG Multifunctional Coffee Table

Bring the game that started it all into the comfort of your living room with this inventive and fun coffee table. While simply playing the game with friends and loved ones is enough of a reason to make this purchase, modern features such as a smart phone charger, built in Bluetooth speakers, and an interactive clock give it added versatility. At the time of writing, this awesome PONG table can only be pre-ordered, but it’s sure to be a massive hit!