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The latest technologies used in e-cigarettes


Vaping is an industry that is booming lately. After all, it’s been suggested that vaping could help cut down smoking, something which is on many peoples lists come New Year’s resolution time. That common goal will keep vaping thriving for years to come, especially as it’s absent of many of the health risks that come with smoking.

Additionally, vaping is technology based too. This means that the products can be constantly updated, and revitalise interest in them for the consumers through the release of new vape mods and features.

Consequently, here are some of the latest technologies to be included in the vaping industry.

Vaping is an industry that is booming lately

Battery Technology

If any tech is to work efficiently, then it needs enough power. In the vaping arena, batteries come in all different shapes and sizes to fit and fuel the various products in the industry. If the battery lasts longer and pumps out more power for the vaper, it will increase interest in a more reliable product and in vaping as a consistently viable hobby.

For example, the Sony VTC5A 18650 2600MAH 25A battery was set free in the vaping world earlier this year, designed to sustain high power configurations and longer vaping sessions. They’re proven to stay charged for longer periods of time, and generally have a much longer battery life than most of their competitors too. Additionally, they allow vapers to produce bigger clouds and vape uninterrupted.

In the end, this new technology means the stopping and starting nature of most other hobbies is removed. The best innovations bring simplicity and efficiency, and this is something the battery makes possible.

Box Mods

Box mods are among the most impressive types of vape products, and far outperform the vape pens and smaller vapes in terms of their battery life. However, there’s more than just how long these products last before a recharge that make them impressive. Other techy quirks have been ironed out too, and recently added a great deal of flexibility and customisation to the vaping experience.

Put simply, they include what’s referred to as ‘pairing technologies’, where the box mods can temporarily function as other devices; MP3 players, speakers, and they can even be made responsive to voice commands. This multipurpose use of the product really expands its appeal and extends its longevity in the market, giving them a new edge against all competitors.

A recent MPs report says it is thought that 2.9 million people in the UK are using e-cigarettes to try to stop smoking

Authentication Devices

One of the concerns with commodities like alcohol, tobacco and e-cigarettes, is that the youth wrongly gain access to them. Whether it’s peer pressure to conform or simply enjoying too much of a good thing, young people everywhere are exposed to these products and quickly become addicted.

Security is needed here, and this is what the latest authentication technology provides. Bluetooth enabled vapes are in development, and they will allow users to have control over who has permission to use the product. Whether it’s someone stealing the product or young children trying to vape without parental permission, the technology is designed to deny usage to everyone but the owner of the product.

Of course, it’s not just young people who can get addicted either. In the end, when using anything at all, there’s always the same rule; everything in moderation. Therefore, if owners elect too, they can use the settings on the product to allow a set amount of limited vapes only, and thereby personalise their relationship with the product.