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The most luxurious casino games from around the world

Despite the sudden influx of online casinos in the gambling market, nothing quite beats the experience of gambling in a land casino. With the endless drinks, fancy dress attire and bright flashing lights, the whole night will make you feel like a billionaire, and hopefully at the end of the night, you’ll actually be a step closing to being one! With so many casinos around the world though, it can be difficult to know where to go to get that all-important luxury experience.

There are several casinos around the world that specialise in their specific luxury game, so you really don’t want to miss the opportunity of visiting them.

Baccarat – Macau, China

Let’s face it, everyone wants to live like James Bond, and now you can, as it has become apparent in recent years that Macau has become obsessed with the casino game baccarat, as it brings in a tonne of cash. Not only has the rate of baccarat players seen a rise here, but with a variety of different options to be able to play baccarat online, you can have your gambling fix anywhere. Specifically in Macau, they offer VIP baccarat to their gambling attendees, where high-stake gamblers will bet massive sums of money in the hopes of winning big. In fact, 91% of Macau’s income comes from this famous card game, and when in Macau, there are several different baccarat variants that you can choose from.

The most popular variation of baccarat played at Macau casino is known as ‘punto banco’, or North American baccarat, which involves players competing to receive cards that have an overall total of 9 points. Like most card games, winning is completely down to the luck of the cards, which appeals to the old style of gamblers who believe gambling should be a matter of chance and not skill, although millennials disagree with this attitude. The game is so sacred at Macau that you might even find some player blowing on the cards in the hope that it will bring them extra luck. When playing baccarat in Macau, it’s important to remember that the VIP gamblers will usually play the game by their own rules. To partake in this luxury game, you will have your own reserved table with a dealer and staff as well, really making you feel lavish.

Roulette – Las Vegas

Naming the best hubs for luxury casino games wouldn’t be complete without this famous mention, so if you want to experience the most luxury roulette game, Las Vegas is the place to go. There are so many different VIP variants out in the gambling capital of the world, with numerous casinos luring gamblers in with their luxury roulette games.

If you are visiting Las Vegas, you need to visit The Mirage casino, as their roulette variants are incredibly fun to play. They over single and double zero American roulette, alongside European roulette as well. This is a crucial factor to having a luxury casino experience, as having two zeros means that there is a house edge of 5.26%, whereas with a single zero it’s only 2.7%. With European roulette, players are payed 50% of their stake back on losing evens bets. Such generous rules are available when playing roulette in Vegas, which is why you need to visit this casino in order to live a life of luxury. The Golden Gate is another fantastic hub for VIP roulette, as at this casino, they offer a variant known as Riverboat Roulette. This is a twist on the traditional game, introducing 7 new bets based on coloured areas added to the wheel. Or, why not visit The Tropicana where they offer Double Ball Roulette to their attendees? As you’d expect, this involves roulette with 2 balls, which usually gets very crazy amongst betters. Lastly, the MGM Grand casino will make anyone feel like a million dollars, as you can enjoy single zero American and European roulette, with minimum cash buy-ins of $25.

Poker – France

Although it mind not sound like the most conventional location for poker, France is home to several luxury casinos offering luscious versions of poker. The Lyon Vert Casino for example, is right at the top of the list of best casinos in France. It’s well known for its selection of baccarat and blackjack, however it’s even better known for the stud poker that it offers gamblers. There are poker tournaments and special games held at this casino at specific times of the year, so if you really want to have the most luxurious experience ever when playing poker, you should definitely do some research into when these events will be held.

When attending poker tournaments in France, you’re guaranteed to feel like royalty. With the elegance that France has, a poker experience will truly be like no other. Many world famous poker personalities also visit The Aviation Club, where tournaments are held frequently in order to place more excitement into poker games.

Blackjack – Monaco

If you want to play the most luxurious version of blackjack in the world, the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco is the best place to be. This place has starred in numerous films and books, and it isn’t surprising given its lavish culture and the incredible things that you can do there, with the Monaco Grand Prix being one of many attractions. This casino only serves tourists, as citizens of the country are prohibited from entering gaming areas. Although this casino offers a whole range of different casino games, blackjack is the prime one here. The pit for blackjack in this Monaco casino is huge, with several tables usually occupied by budding gamblers.

The blackjack experience here is truly VIP, as the majority of people playing blackjack in Monaco will bet at very high stakes in the hopes of winning huge sums of money. The atmosphere is also a huge reason as to why people bet large, and there’s no better feeling than getting a huge win!

Please gamble responsibly (18+ UK) – check age restrictions before participating