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The rise of connected fitness: What it is and why these mega influencers are excited about it

By LLM Reporters  |  April 19, 2021

Connected fitness is on the rise, driven by the demand to rethink the way we work out, thanks to the global pandemic and snap lockdowns. Gym closures and reduced member capacity, due to social distancing requirements, have required us to adapt our workouts and are a driving factor in the popularity of connected fitness.

It is anticipated that by 2025, the technological-driven fitness trend will be worth an estimated $5.96 billion. But what is connected fitness? And what’s got Instagram mega influencers across the globe so excited about it?

What is connected fitness?

Connected fitness is the merging of in-home or outdoor workouts with technology that tracks our fitness goals, progress and still allows us to connect with a like-minded community of individuals despite continual social distancing requirements.

Connected fitness allows us to use technology to track our goals while we work out at home and at the gym

Why are mega influencers excited about the rise of connected fitness?

Mega fitness influencers build their brand and following by showcasing their fitness routines and physiques. The imposed restrictions due to the coronavirus has seen gym closures, spontaneous three to 14-day lockdowns have seen fitness industry influencers forced to rethink and adapt their workouts to a home environment.

If you’ve been a gym-goer you’ll know having your own in-home gym with quality equipment is expensive, not to mention big and bulky. And there’s something to be said for the community of people you work out alongside spurring you along with motivation and accountability. There has been a gap in the marketplace for quality equipment that bridges the gap between at-home workouts and the gym. One company that is changing this is Vitruvian, with the V-Form Trainer and influencers across the globe are eager to collaborate just to get their hands on the new platform.

What does the V-Form Trainer do?

The V-Form Trainer device is a sleek, lightweight carbon-fibre platform, weighing only 35kg but with inbuilt cables capable of loading up to 180kg of resistance weight. Using intelligent algorithmic technology, the V-Form Trainer self-customises based on the user’s capability, automatically adjusting the load. Dynamically responsive, the connected fitness device detects improvements in strength and increases weight resistance to enable a hardcore workout. Alternatively, it can also detect when the user is struggling (like a virtual spotter) and adjusts weight to assist users to safely complete their set without overstraining.

The Virtuvian V-Form Trainer is popular among fitness enthusiasts

What do the mega influencers think of the V-Form Trainer?

Strength athlete from the Netherlands Gussie van Geel refers to her V-Form Trainer as a beautiful piece of technology. “It can lift up to 100 kg per side which makes it super easy to do a hardcore session on it.” And despite a recent injury, she was looking forward to getting back into working out with her new connected fitness device.

Mega fitness influencer, Amanda Bisk from Western Australia has revolutionised her home workouts with the V-Form trainer. It strongly features in her Instagram feed as she details her workout routine. The technology uses algorithms to ensure you are effectively training and is integrated with electro-magnetic resistance. (No need for big bulky weight machines that take up lots of room). There’s no doubt she’s a huge fan.

More than 1.6 million users follow international model Rafael Miller. What’s got Rafael so excited about the Vitruvian V-Form Trainer? First off, it’s not elastic or steady resistance. “It’s eccentric and adaptive, which is the best IMO: If you struggle too much, the weight will decrease and let you finish the movement,” he posted on his Instagram account.

Fitness influencers enjoy all of the versatile features of the V-Form Trainer

The V-Form Trainer allows for 100% customisation of your workouts and even on deadlift sets, Rafeal is also able to set weight by 5kgs increments (2.5 on each side) at every rep. In one of his video workouts on socials, he demonstrated how he started at 40kgs and ended up at 100kg.

The versatility of the V-Form Trainer saw Instagram Influencers reach out to Vitruvian for collaborations numbers like they’ve never experienced before. The excitement is driven by the rise for in-home workouts without having to purchase a range of bulky exercise machines. With the V-Form Trainer, you can undertake most exercises you would do at the gym such as bench presses, bicep curls, squats, deadlifts and more. There is also an app for further motivation and guidance on technique tutorials. Additionally, the V-Form Trainer algorithm tracks your progress and delivers detailed reporting into your performance data.