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The ultimate festival life: Top luxury gadgets to improve your festival experience

By LLM Reporters on 7th September 2017

Festival season is well and truly underway, with lots of opportunity to enjoy top quality music and fun. Both in the UK and abroad, entertainment is everywhere. Even if there was not time to visit all the events this year, getting ready for next year is important.

After all, ensuring the most luxurious time is essential. How can trekking across a muddy field in Wellington boots sound appealing when there are spa treatments, glasses of champagne and glamping to be indulged?

Nevertheless, once you’ve got a ticket to one of the best festivals, knowing what to pack comes next. As well as discovering your ultimate festival style, bringing the latest gadgets to add to the experience is a must, whether that is to record amazing memories or keep yourself entertained when you are not partying and dancing to fantastic live music.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the technology perfect for your luxury festival lifestyle. 

Combined Technology

the Lava Brightsounds 2
The Lava Brightsounds 2 combines a speaker, mobile charger and night light all into one small portable piece of technology

Usually minimal packing at festivals is recommended as you have to walk a long way between your car and the camping field. Whilst luxury festivals do not have this issue as you could be staying in a glamping tent near the performances or in a hotel suite, it might not be a bad idea to try as hard as possible to reduce what you take. From Secret Solstice in Iceland to Hox Holidays in Croatia, having to transport a large suitcase across an airport terminal does not feel very relaxing.

The solution is to look for gadgets with more than one function. For instance, the Lava Brightsounds 2 combines a speaker, mobile charger and night light all into one small portable piece of technology. The battery life is over thirty hours, so as long as you remember to switch it off in between use, then you will not have to worry about charging it every five minutes. Lava’s multi-purpose gadget is waterproof and strong, ideal for surviving a weekend of festival life. With a choice of colours including blue, yellow, green and pink, you have the option to pick which colour suits your festival style. 

Rugged Smartphones

Rugged Smartphones
One of the most important gadgets has to be the phone. Image credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

One of the most important gadgets has to be the phone. As festivals can get very busy, any phone brought along has to be able to withstand any bumps or spilt drinks. For those heading aboard for Anchored, which is held on a luxury cruise ship touring the Mediterranean, waterproof is a much-needed feature. However, technology is more advanced now than ever before, so there is no reason to invest in a Nokia brick that you will never use again. Rugged smartphones are easy to buy and just as durable, yet have the perks of a regular smartphone. Downloading your favourite apps and browsing the internet is vital after all. As fun as festivals are, they can get a little bit tiring, so having the option to take a few minutes to relax with your phone is important.

If you are heading to one of the desirable events abroad, then occupying yourself on the journey needs a decent rugged smartphone. This quiet time you spend on your phone can be used for all sorts of things, from catching up with your friends who could not come with you, to having a sneaky Netflix binge or reaching the next level of Clash of Clans.

If fantasy war games are not your choice of entertainment, then rugged smartphones will give you the same freedom as a normal smartphone to find other gaming options. Whether you want to play online bingo in a summer or music-themed bingo room, to match the festival mood or check in with your favourite YouTuber, a rugged smartphone at a festival brings you enjoyment, yet is tough for those festival parties. 
Photography Drones

"drones" (CC BY 2.0) by Andrew Turner
To round off the ultimate luxury gadgets you will want at a festival, a drone is a must. Image credit: Andrew Turner

To round off the ultimate luxury gadgets you will want at a festival, a drone is a must. Drones are the in-thing when it comes to photography and filmmaking. Before you head off on a luxurious few days at a festival, do not be afraid to invest in a unique camera like a drone. Spending time at Wilderness in the UK or Oasis Fest in Morocco, you are going to want to capture as much as possible from the opulent experience. Rather than going for the standard selfie in the crowd shot, why not go one better and use a drone’s aerial advantage to get a bird’s eye view of the event. With the huge crowds of people and stages lit up, using a drone might be challenging, but you will end up with some impressive and memorable footage. 
With all these pieces of technology, your festival time will be even more luxurious. You will be able to make the most of the high life with little effort, so you can relax and enjoy some brilliant live entertainment.