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Three online luxury markets you need to see to believe

Here at Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, we love all things lavish and extravagant, and since Christmas is so close now we thought we’d investigate some of the most luxurious online marketplaces available on the web.


Not only have luxury brands and products changed over the years, but so too have the currencies people use to purchase them. Bitcoin is the world’s most famous digital currency that exists solely on the Internet, yet has managed to transition to the physical world. Bitcoin is so widely used that there are now many brands popping up across the web that work exclusively in Bitcoin such as online casinos Vegas Casino and many others featured here at Top Canadian Casinos ( Not only that, but you can visit now and buy or mine Bitcoins without having to complete any challenging math equations.

BitPremier, launched by Alan Silbert in May 2013, is similar to these online casinos in that it enables well-off individuals to purchase exclusive luxury goods using their favourite cryptocurrency. Cars, apartments, boats, art, furniture and plenty of other lavish goods are all available in exchange for both traditional currencies like dollars and Bitcoin.


Contrary to popular belief, James is not actually a real person. Instead, James is an idea that a group of technology entrepreneurs envisioned when founding the site in 2008. Formerly known as JamesList, JamesEdition was the world’s first marketplace with such a vast inventory and selection of high-end dealers from around the globe.

Like BitPremier, JamesEdition is home to some of the most lavish products in the world. In 2016 alone, JamesEdition has added the Thriller Villa and Neverland Ranch from Michael Jackson Estate, a 1966 Barmobile by George Barris and the first GTA Motor Spano to their listings. All items on JamesEdition are carefully selected from professional dealers with flawless reputations and inventories, so customers know that they are always getting the best products.


Over on the other side of the planet, Luxify is regarded as the absolute pinnacle of extravagance. Self-described as Asia’s leading online marketplace in luxury, Luxify was co-founded by Parisians Florian Martigny and Alexis Zirah in 2014 to provide collectors in Asia with an easy, reliable market. The idea first came to Martigny and Zirah when they were looking for luxury products in Hong Kong and were disappointed when they couldn’y locate a safe online source, and so they decided to make their own.

Luxify now has the Internet’s largest collection of luxury products, which includes vintage, pre-owned and brand new goods. One of their most famous listings was a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull, which was listed at $1.5 million in August 2016. All listings are carefully evaluated and vetted by professionals, be they real estate properties, jewellery, cars, yachts, aircrafts, furniture, antiques or fine wines, so there’s no chance that buyers will be disappointed.

Although we may not be able to purchase anything from these high-end versions of eBay, we absolutely love the thought of buying a jet online. Plus, it is the time of year when wishes come true, so fingers crossed.