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Top five old-fashioned games that are popular now


When it comes to classic slots, there is just something about them that never gets old, and many find themselves continuing to be drawn to the games years after their first go. From childhood trips to the local arcade, to visiting the incredible casinos of Las Vegas as an adult, the excitement continues however and whenever you choose to play – and with many games now available online at the likes of, they show no signs of slipping from their prime spot in the casino gambling arena any time soon.

The earliest versions of poker machine made their way into the mainstream sometime around in the 19th century. Created by two people, Sitt and Pittman, this was the basis for the casino slot machines that are still so beloved today. Since classic slot games have enjoyed so much popularity amongst gamblers, it was only a matter of time until they returned to the mainstream.

Here are our top five old fashioned favourites that as popular today as they were in the distant past.

Slot machines are consistent moneymakers for casinos

1. Double Triple Chance

This classic fruit machine title was an instant hit amongst players when it was first introduced to the scene, and they can still be found in pubs up and down the country, as well as in casinos. In fact, many casino houses made it a point to incorporate the slot machine due to its immense popularity at the time – a move they certainly won’t have lived to regret. This retro-themed game requores players to match up a line of appealing fruit symbols to win, and was a 3 reel and 5 payline game that came with a never seen before Re-win feature. This meant that a player only needed to get the same symbol 9 times on the reels to trigger a re-spin, which in turn could result in a full-screen win. There is still a further gamble option that you can make use of, too, where all you have to do is correctly pick the colour of the next card in the series. If you’re lucky enough to win, you could double your payout – or if not, lose all your accumulated winnings!

2. Couch Potato

One of the simplest games still favoured by gambling enthusiasts, the simplicity of Couch Potato is its greatest attraction. Featuring a straight forward gameplay with top-notch graphics for the time it was created, it continues as a 3 reel and 1 payline slot which includes fruit symbols along with lucky 7’s, cherries and even gold bars. There is also a wild symbol here that players can make use of, substituting any other icon on the reels and attracting a generous multiplier value. A true classic that has managed to maintain its popularity until today.

3. Alchemist’s Lab

Perhaps one of the most exciting new games of its time, the Alchemist’s lab soon quickly garnered a legion of loyal fans worldwide, and they continue to sing its praises until today. A unique theme combined with the graphics and gameplay makes for an intriguing production that caught the eyes of inquisitive gamblers looking to try something new. Instead of traditional symbols, you have magic potions, flasks, test tubes and gold.

Slot machines are often known as ‘fruit machines’ or just ‘slots’

4. Bar Bar Black Sheep

If you remember your old nursery rhymes correctly, then you surely will remember the famous Baa, Baa, Black Sheep. All you need to do is mince the words of the rhyme, and you have yourself a brand new slot that offers the opportunity to win big. Simplicity is the core of the title, and all you need to trigger the jackpot prize here is to get the simple combination of Bar Bar Black Sheep. Other different symbols include a bag of wool, sheep and of course double and triple bars. If the white sheep is the saintly one here, then the black sheep is the wild symbol. This has the capability of replacing all the other symbols, and also tripling your wins.

5. Jackpot Jester 50,000

Get ready to transport yourself to the world of casinos with the Jackpot Jester 50,000. The background and setting create the vibe of a real casino where all you are surrounded with is an endless array of slots. Rather than the standard one set of reels, this game has two to work with, so all your winnings can be stored in one place. Either that, or you can either enter them into the super game, which is displayed above you at the top of the machine. This game also offers payouts based on stacked golden jesters, and getting 9 of these will automatically win you the £50,000 jackpot.

They made be old, but sometimes the classics are the best – and these five blasts from the past are still as worth a play as ever.