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World’s first Dyanamo-Powered iPhone Case launched by AMPware Power

The AMPware set to solve your recharging woes.

The AMPware Power Generating iPhone Case is the world’s first hand-cranked iPhone battery case, turning ten minutes of winding into two hours of mobile use.

Created in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Katrina, the AMPware iPhone case has not only been designed to boost your battery power, but also to protect the device against the strong elements.   In 2005, Company owners Mark and Erik were both directly affected by Hurricane Katrina. Separated from loved ones, they relied solely on their cell phones to keep in contact with friends and family. Mark had a crank-powered radio with him, which was only marginally helpful in his time of need. As he grew frustrated with his crank radio, Mark wished for a crank-powered phone instead; thus, the idea for AMPware was born.

Once developed, the AMPware technology is now 23 times more efficient than solar power and additionally is an eco friendly device , making this a must-have for the eco-conscious customer. With it’s quick time to recharge and its flexible protective bumper, the AMPware is the perfect solution for festival attendees or camping enthusiasts.

Suitable for the iPhone 6 and 6S, the AMPware can be purchased from The Foundry for £69.99.