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5 must-have healing crystals for your collection

Do you believe in the power of crystals? If so, read on for five additions you should bring into your home.

By LLM Reporters  |  December 23, 2021

Many people are naturally drawn to the colour and beauty of crystals and gemstones, and they have been for centuries. In ancient times, crystals were used in many civilizations and religions around the world including China, Egypt and Greece as part of their traditional medicine and meditation practices.

Recent years have shown an increase in the trend of using crystals as an alternative or complementary therapy. With its notoriety for physical and metaphysical benefits, more and more people are encouraged to buy them, whether as an accessory or as part of their home décor, especially following on from a healing session. Below, we take a look at five must have crystals for healing that you should consider adding to your collection.


The glamour of this crystalline quartz is apparent whether it is in its druzy (natural) or tumbled (polished) form. This unique semi-precious gem has a hue that can range from lilac to deep purple and it is one of the most powerful healing stones recommended by natural health practitioners. Among the bodily ailments that amethyst claims to aid are hormonal problems, insomnia, and digestive health issues. Even ancient Greeks used to incorporate amethyst on their drinking vessels as they believed that it prevented intoxication. 

As with its metaphysical aspects, amethyst in Feng Shui is used to attract wealth and prosperity. Also, in many cultures worldwide, its very presence is said to heal the mind and stimulate the crown chakra. 

healing crystals
Many people are naturally drawn to the colour and beauty of crystals and gemstones, and they have been for centuries


The brilliant yellow hues of this crystal were well known during the 19th century, having been included in elaborate pieces during the Art Deco period between World War I and World War II. Apart from its luxury use in fashion and art, it is widely used for healing capabilities. Unlike other crystals, it transmutes negative energy instead of absorbing it, so it does not need clearing. 

Due to its association as an earth element, citrine in Feng Shui is usually placed in the centre of the house. It is believed that positive changes due to its use will have a ripple effect and will touch all the corners of the house. Furthermore, this crystal is also known to be connected with wealth, abundance, and vitality.

Black tourmaline 

This particular shade of tourmaline or Schorl has been believed to only exist in Saxony, Germany, up until deposits from Sri Lanka brought by the Dutch East India Company in Europe proved otherwise. It took centuries until traders recognized that it was the same gemstone that was previously mined in Germany. Later on, this particular type of tourmaline was discovered in Brazil, Australia, Africa, and Italy.

Among its varied forms, the black tourmaline is regarded as one of the strongest protection crystals. Natural health practitioners believe it has a grounding, almost electrical energy that provides a connection between the Earth and the human spirit. It is also identified as one of the earth’s elements.

crystal healing
Recent years have shown an increase in the trend of using crystals as an alternative or complementary therapy

Lapis lazuli 

High-quality lapis is considered to be very costly. Archaeological findings that date back to 3000 BC in Egypt show that the gem has been used in ornamental pieces and jewellery. It was also regarded as one of the highly priced tributes to nobility back in the day, and in its powdered form, it was used as a pigment and cosmetic ingredient. 

Putting aside its practical uses, lapis lazuli has been known to be associated with power, royalty and honour. This makes the crystal a symbol of both truth and wisdom. People who are executives, psychiatrists, lawyers, writers, and the like could benefit from this crystal, for it provides mental clarity and boosts problem-solving and intellectual analysis. It also encourages the spirit of honesty, both written and in word.

Tiger’s eye 

This lustrous golden crown crystal with millions of petrified fibres reflects light at different angles. In the past, Tiger’s Eye was used by ancient Egyptians as the eyes for statues of deities, for they believed that the stone has divine connections. In connection to its physical description, believers say that the stone aids people in accepting all the angles of themselves, including every dark side. 

Tiger’s eye has a dual purpose. It is commonly known to be used for protection against any ill-wishers and hostile vibes. The other property of this crystal is that of healing with some of its physical uses including correcting endocrine problems, lethargy, seasonal depression, and metabolic issues.