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Banish sugar cravings for good and get back in control of your goals with Sentum

Sentum is an against sugar cravings supplement, it helps to control and to reduce various negative effects of sucrose on the body.

By LLM Reporters  |  April 7, 2022

Looking to up-level your health regime this year? From getting fit to losing weight, most of us have a health-related goal to work towards, but nothing can get in the way of progress quite like those unwanted sugar cravings.

An hour at the gym can soon be offset by those evening sweet treats you just can’t resist, and standing on the scales each morning can feel like a constant battle when all you really want to do is enjoy a leisurely breakfast of fresh coffee and pastries. So if you’re fed up with going around in circles when it comes to your health, then how do you break free of the cycle?

Well, the good news is that Spanish supplement brand Sentum might just have the answer. The culmination of two years of scientific work, Sentum is the brainchild of a team of knowledgeable doctors and nutritionists who have come together to create a product designed to not only mitigate the health risks that come with excessive sugar consumption, but also help to control cravings – making that late night hankering for chocolate a thing of the past and leaving you free to focus on what’s really important.

So, no more treading water or feeling like a failure when it comes to those goals, because just one capsule a day could be all it takes to put you back in the driving seat.

Sentum is an against sugar cravings supplement, it helps to control and to reduce various negative effects of sucrose on the body

It certainly sounds like the magic bullet we’ve been waiting for – but how exactly does it work? Well, Sentum contains a powerful combination of natural and herbal compounds that attack and block the sugar receptors in the brain. Sugar cravings are, for the most part, a result of low or unstable blood sugar, and after feasting on cakes and other decadent treats, we experience a blood sugar spike and then a dramatic crash shortly afterwards.

If you’ve ever found yourself with an insatiable craving for sugar when you’ve only just eaten some, or wondered why you just can’t put down that family-size bar of chocolate, blood sugar imbalances are the culprit – but Sentum, utilising a unique formula, helps to stabilise glucose levels in the bloodstream, as well as simultaneously normalising blood pressure. The result? Not only will you finally feel in control of your cravings, but you’ll likely eat less sugar in the first place – something which, in itself, offers a plethora of health benefits.

By reducing your consumption of sugar, you can expect an improved complexion and slow the early signs of aging – and we all know that results you can actually see are some of the most motivating. But beyond that, eating less sugar can also contribute to better sleep quality, leaving you feeling more rested and enjoying more sustainable energy throughout the day, and keeping your mind clear to focus on the important things, instead of just how and when you’re going to get that next sugar fix.

Sentum prides itself on being a multifunctional product due to the many benefits it offers. But is it suitable for just anyone? In a word, yes – although it always pays to discuss any new additions to your supplemental regime with a medical professional before you begin. Designed to help anyone with high blood sugar, diabetes or pre-diabetes, as well as those who are simply looking to optimise their health and form new, healthier habits, it comprises nine entirely natural active ingredients – so you can add it to your daily routine safe in the knowledge that you’re not consuming any chemical nasties.

Sentum packaging
Sentum is a result of two years of scientific work

First up, there’s gymnema sylvestre – a perennial woody vine that is native to Asia, Africa and Australia and packs a powerful punch when it comes to inhibiting the absorption of glucose in the intestine – as well as enhancing insulin synthesis and increasing cells’ sensitivity to it. Then, there’s curcumin – an anti-inflammatory compound found in popular spice, turmeric. Enhanced with black pepper to ensure optimal absorption, this antioxidant also has a unique antidiabetic effect, as does third ingredient, golden root.

Fenugreek, meanwhile, is a herb that supports the improvement of the endocrine control of glucose levels in the blood while liquorice is included thanks to its powerful antiviral effect.

Rounding off the ingredients list, there’s nettle – often used to help treat hypotension and prostate cancer – red rhizomesage, which helps to restore the intracellular signalling pathways in the body and peppermint, for its phenolic compounds and additional anti-diabetic properties.

Sentum certainly seems to have all the right boxes ticked when it comes to keeping our cravings under control, and weight loss and a reduction in visceral fat often come as part and parcel of integrating the product into a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced, calorie-controlled diet and plenty of regular exercise. With this, of course, comes a reduction in a multitude of other health risks, too – from cardiovascular issues to strokes.

Sentum tablets
The brand has been billed as the ‘world’s only supplement against sugar cravings’

But while performance is undoubtedly the most important thing to get right when it comes to nutritional supplements, Sentum looks the part, too.

“The visual component of Sentum is one of the most sophisticated works we have carried out,” says a spokesperson at Sentum.

“The goal was to create a new form of packaging that would allow taking Sentum supplements under any circumstances, with the box becoming an attribute, corporate identity, and accessory that becomes a part of your identity.”

A product that looks good and helps to reduce sugar cravings? Here at LLM, we’re sold.