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Factors to consider when choosing your aesthetician

By LLM Reporters on 1st October 2019

Aesthetics: the buzzword of the moment. Instagramable selfies, Pintrestable interior design, or Facebookable holiday snaps. The quest for content means that ‘aesthetics’ have come to dictate our lives, forever on show. To an extent, the beauty industry is at the forefront of this. An aesthetician’s role is dedicated to the aesthetics of your skin, after all. But your aesthetician should do so much more than keep your skin glowing for likeable content. They are professionals trained in not only achieving your dream look, but protecting your skin from ailments, and most importantly keeping you feeling your absolute best. Thousands of experts and products exist to help you in your quest to maintain beautiful skin, with its health of upmost concern. The first step is selecting the right aesthetician, to take charge of your skincare journey.

Facility cleanliness

When selecting your aesthetician, first and foremost you should request a tour of the facility to inspect its cleanliness. There are definitely tons of clinics out there, but not all will adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. So, have a good look and make sure you’re satisfied with what you see. This extends to your proposed aesthetician, whose professionalism and dedication to hygienic practice is incredibly important if you are to entrust them with the responsibility of your skin.

An aesthetician’s role is dedicated to the aesthetics of your skin

Do they have medical professionals?

For any treatment you undertake, you want to be in the best possible care. That simply means making sure those treating you have the correct training, in order to do so to the highest possible standard. This is especially crucial for medical skincare procedures, such as dermal fillers, Botox, or chemical peels, which can have adverse reactions which demand experienced hands to manage. Although side effects are not always avoidable, and your individual skin may not react as expected, the correct testing beforehand can minimise this risk and skilled professionals are in the best place to offer support should the procedure not go to plan. A trained and licensed professional will know exactly the difference between a normal reaction to the treatment and a serious complication that requires immediate attention. More importantly, they’ll know how to act in both cases. Make sure whatever clinic you opt for does have professionals trained to the level you expect, for the procedure you wish to undertake.

Their experience and knowledge

Let’s get one thing straight; this is a huge field, and advancements happen all the time. Your chosen aesthetician should be at the forefront of these advancements, keeping track of the latest procedures which may help their clients. They should be dedicated to their profession and providing the best level of care available. This means that they’re a person who reads the latest publications, attends conferences, takes classes, and in general stays on top of their game. Years of experience may prove fruitless if the aesthetician has remained dedicated to a practice out of fashion since the eighties. On the other hand, a young clinician who has not proven themselves through high levels of training may not be the best choice without a few years of experience under their belt, especially for more advanced procedures. Make sure to find a skilled professional, to ensure that whomever you entrust your skin to is worthy of the responsibility.

Doctor aesthetician makes hyaluronic acid rejuvenation beauty injections in the forehead of male patient in a green medical cap
For any treatment you undertake, you want to be in the best possible care.

The variety of procedures offered

You’d be quite surprised with the number of available skin treatment options, and just how different each one is. Your aesthetician should provide all those options, and more importantly, be experienced with each and every one. Experienced doctors at explain that it’s important for the patient to choose their preferred treatment path, but they also add that it’s imperative to give them several options to choose from so they have the freedom to go with what’s best for them. That is why they provide a myriad of services like vascular services, vein treatments, and several others.

Do they offer consultation before your treatment?

Your primary care when choosing an aesthetician is your skin. This should be the primary concern of your aesthetician too. A good way to sniff out the clinics that put your well-being second to your money, is to ask if they have a consultative option before you start your treatment. Plenty of aestheticians have that as a standalone service or as an integral part before your treatment. In any case, you should always look for those who offer consultation that is not meant to sell you the service, but rather answer your questions and address your concerns. Remain alert to find out if they’re transparent with all the details – aestheticians neglecting to mention the possible side effects of some treatments is definitely a red flag, and something which says a lot about the level of transparency and honesty around the clinic.

Portrait of unrecognizable cosmetologist applying refreshing eye mask to face of beautiful young woman performing beauty treatment
Your primary care when choosing an aesthetician is your skin

What other people have to say

It is the age of information, so make sure that you use it. From social media accounts to a good old website, your aesthetician will invariably use them to showcase their best results. Make sure to do your googling, and check that they really can offer what they are promising. With the same rigour an employer would embrace when hiring, a thorough check of how the aesthetician you are considering has built their online profile is imperative. Look for testimonials on their website, and ‘before and after’ shots of patients on their social media. Who wants to pay to an aesthetician to look and feel the same? Look beyond their own carefully curated profiles for a more objective appraisal. You can’t start dealing with an aesthetician before you find out what other people have to say about them, so if you haven’t heard testimonials through word of mouth, check out their google reviews.

It is very important that you do your homework on the aesthetician and the industry in general before you go, arming yourself with the information needed to gain the best possible results. This extends to listening to your chosen aesthetician carefully, and remembering to follow their instructions thoroughly after you come back home so that you capitalise on the benefits of their treatment.