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How Harley Street can help: 4 renowned specialists in the country’s most famous medical area

By LLM Reporters on 30th July 2020

The most iconic street in the medical sector of the UK, Harley Street in London’s Marylebone is home to some of the country’s finest private healthcare specialists.

Employing some 3,000 workers in the street and local area across a range of medical practices, clinics and hospitals, Harley Street is synonymous with a high level of healthcare and wellbeing, so it’s no surprise that many seek out the assistance of professionals in this area.

Whether you are in the need for a dietitian, hypnotherapist, osteopath, dentist, dermatologist, gynaecologist or you are seeking the services from clinics who specialise in IVF, eating disorders, tropical diseases, laser surgery eye, cardiology, cancer and more, you’ll be sure to find a service to suit your needs.

We take a look at some of these services you can benefit from.

Synonymous with cosmetic surgery, Harley Street provides some of the UK’s top plastic surgeons, whether it is breast enlargement, reduction or uplift, facial rejuvenation surgery or minor operations such as mole removal or earlobe correction

Overcoming substance abuse

Whatever walk of life you are from and whatever position you have now found yourself in, there is always help out there and on Harley Street, look no further than Sensatori Space in helping to overcome your addiction to drugs. Helping to guide you through the recovery process and ensure you get the right treatment, while being accessible throughout the country, this place is ready to help whether it’s within a residential clinic or at home help.

If, in fact alcohol is the element that is holding you back, then the likes of the Harley Street Alcohol Detox organisation can help. Using the Sinclair Method to help you overcome your addiction and get your life back on track with either detox services at home or in their alcohol rehab clinic, you can join over 100,000 others in getting the professional and discreet assistance you need.

Private specialist clinic

With an outstanding rating from the Quality Care Commission, The Harley Street Clinic specialises in complex care services for adults, children and babies in need of specialist oncology, cardiology and neuroscience care. Promising ‘fast access to world-leading acute care’ as well as having the most advanced private cancer facility in Europe, this place is known for its pioneering techniques for treating the disease using state of the art equipment by top-notch consultants. The Harley Street Clinic also provides intricate surgeries such as open-heart surgery on new-borns and holds one of the largest private paediatric ICUs in Europe.

Hypnotherapy will help to bring about therapeutic changes in you

Cosmetic procedures

Certainly synonymous with cosmetic surgery, though not all that the area encompasses, Harley Street does provide some of the UK’s top plastic surgeons, whether it is breast enlargement, reduction or uplift, facial rejuvenation surgery or minor operations such as mole removal or earlobe correction. When something plagues you for long enough it starts to knock your confidence and with a great selection of doctors at hand, it doesn’t need to be an issue any longer. Depending on what type of surgery you require, do your research on the best surgeons and practices around. Elite surgical with Sultan Hassan, Dr Julian De Silva, and Aurora Clinics with Adrian Richards all operate in the area and have a wealth of experience.


Coming highly rated from clients, Cumberland Hypnotherapy, a private practice run by Adam Cumberland, looks to set you free from anxieties, weight loss issues, relationship challenges, negative behaviours, emotional issues, public speaking fears and the like. Providing an extensive tailored four-hour treatment either in the Harley Street clinic or online, using a mix of life coaching, neuro linguistics and clinical hypnotherapy, visitors can rid themselves of negative thought processes and old patterns of behaviour to move forward in a positive way.

The above are a small selection of the services to be found in and around the area and it is advisable to do your research to ensure you can get the right service for you.

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