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New year, new gym: The ultimate luxury workout at home product guide

With a focus on combining practicality with style, Linda Holmes, interiors director at LuxDeco, highlights her favourite products to start your home gym collection.

By LLM Reporters  |  January 17, 2022
home gym

Resolutions are everywhere right now, and there’s no denying that a majority of those new year desires have something to do with our health. January often makes a good time to set some goals for the year ahead, and wellness related objectives are often set now following the bustle of the Christmas period. With a little more time on our hands, we think about how we can take good care of ourselves, from incorporating more wellness activities into our daily lives to getting more active.

With all the uncertainty of Covid-19, many will be reluctant to join a gym with the prospect of equipment sharing and working out in close quarters off-putting for some, but an equal number might also fear their home’s style could be compromised if they opt to create a gym at home. 

Luckily, this needn’t be the case. With a focus on combining practicality with style, Linda Holmes, interiors director at LuxDeco, highlights her favourite products to start your home gym collection.

LOFT 5 Rack Set 1-6kg

Price: £5,600

No gym feels complete without a set of free weights. They’re a staple for everything from muscle toning to bulking, but often the design can be unappealing and stark.

However, this LOFT 5 Rack Set of weights has no such issue. Sporting a rich walnut base which is accented by the chrome accents of its five sets of weights, this gym feature feels impossibly refined. If you’re going to start anywhere when building your high-end gym, it’s here.

ROPA Resistance Band Set

Price: £295

The vintage style of these resistance bands makes them a charming feature for a home gym, even before you know their physical benefits. Their simple, classic aesthetic will fit comfortably into any space.

The ROPA bands promise pure performance, providing resistance that your muscles have to work against. A versatile piece of equipment, there are many exercises you can do with this band set to tone the entire body. Small but mighty, it’s a product that’s definitely worth having.

BONN Medicine Ball 2-8kg

Price: £245

This sleek leather BONN Medicine Ball has an incredibly vintage feel, reminiscent of the pioneering gyms of the early 20th century. 

Medicine balls inspire creativity, helping you bring something a little different to your exercise regime. Available in four shades – black, brown, tan and white – there’s something for every design preference.

DOD Jump Rope 240-270cm

Price: £195

Inject some fun (and toughness) into your new home gym. Skipping ropes are a surprisingly effective way of getting fit, perfect for introducing more exercise into your new year routine. 

The ergonomically attractive wooden handles complement the stainless steel tips of this DOD Jump Rope. The rope is held together by a leather binding, making it neat and moveable – perfect for travel so you never need to miss your session.

BANKA Advance Bench


No gym would be complete without the exercise workhorse – a weight bench. Set up your sweat sessions with this BANKA Advance Bench.

The product is designed to minimise back pain and support your body during your workout. Featuring a combination of sumptuous leather, walnut and steel, its design, as well as its ergonomics, has been carefully considered. 

RAXA Boxing Bag Silver Edition

Price: £1,250

Boxing continues to be popular as a way to get fit fast. Keeping things interesting and versatile, many people turn to this simple staple over classic workout equipment.

For something a little different, but in keeping with your luxurious theme, opt for the RAXA Boxing Bag. This retro-inspired design is available in a range of shades to meticulously match your other equipment.